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Moving to Portland. Opinions please.

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by tunus, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. I'm getting relocated to the Portland area and will be making a landing in 3 weeks time. It will be a long term commitment to the area, so I am looking for some opinions on what neighborhoods are good and which are the once to avoid at all costs. :secret:Will work in Beaverton and would like to keep the commute manageable.

    I used to live up in the Seattle area for about 9 years, so feel free to compare. I'm aware of the crappy weather, but have heard that Oregon has better summers than WA.

    Where do you normally meet for bike nights or rides? Once I settle in, I'd appreciate if some of you can show me the good local roads - there seems to be no shortage of them around according to google maps. :mrgreen:

    Anyway feel free to share your opinion on anything Portland and the suburbs.8)
  2. I grew up in NE Hillsboro. Nice neighborhoods, low crime, good schools, and plenty of access to great riding roads. The Barnes & Noble / Starbucks on Evergreen Pkwy and 185th is a jumping off point for a lot of west side rides.

  3. I would live as close to work as possible. There is no real "bad" area in Beaverton. The worst thing about the suburbs is they have no real personality, just a bunch of big box malls and residential neighborhoods. If you want more city, move closer to the west end of Portland. If you want more country, move west of Beaverton. If you commute during normal rush hours I would highly recommend living west of the Willamette River unless you like being stuck in traffic hell every day.
  4. My advice? Don't move here at all....

    That is all.
  5. Good to know. thanks. I've been looking at some homes in Hillsboro, but was told it's too far away from the city. I guess I'll drive around and see for myself.

    Thanks, I am following the same logic. Not sure yet how much city vs country I want as I spent the last four years in Amsterdam and am a bit tired of the busy city life.

    Care to elaborate? Anything you hate in particular or you just don't want more people moving there.
  6. What part of town are you working in? I'd make sure you live on the same side so you don't have to fight the idiots during rush hour. People don't just drive slow here, they drive stupid.
  7. You'll need some dreadlock wax, patchouli, a quarter pound of pot, and a prius.
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  8. I wouldn't move here if I was you, but sounds like you don't have much choice in the matter. The reason I say this is because the people who have moved here in recent years are ruining what use to be a great place to live. Have you seen the show called Portlandia? That show is only half joking, and becoming more and more a reality.

    As far as where to live, probably close to work is the best bet cause there is limited access from Portland to the burbs(hillsboro and Beaverton) which can lead to traffic jams during normal commuting hours. If you like what you see in the show Portlandia move to the east side of the Willamette river cause that's where those types of people congregate.
  9. Beaverton. I am looking at places between Hillsboro and West and even Northwest Portland.
  10. Run run as hard and as fast as you can.....
  11. I just moved to Beaverton last week from California. I used to live in Tacoma for 3 years as well. Anyways, I one thing that I'm having a hard time adjusting to is how fcking slow everyone drives here, how many cops just stroll around looking to do something(like give tickets), and that I can't split lanes in all this stupid traffic. But you shouldn't have a hard time with the lane splitting since you don't do it in WA right?

    I'd stay in the Beaverton area because it's really nice, one area I probably wouldn't live in is Aloha unless it's the suburbs I suppose; I've never seen so many meth addicts walking/biking around in one area before in my life, but everytime I drive around Aloha I see them. Commute from Portland would suck so I would refrain from living in that area unless you like traffic.
  12. i commute from vancouver to beaverton every day. id say look up this way. rent is cheaper, if your buying property taxes are nil compared to oregon. the commute is....manageable, but coming from seattle a hour to get home is nothing new to you im sure.

    big bike night in beaverton every tuesday. theres one in vancouver on saturdays and tuesdays as well.
  13. If you want to stay close to Beaverton, maybe look around Tanisborne (close access to Hwy lots of stores and shopping). Alot of it depends on how much traffic you want to deal with. Most of the folks out here drive like Sheep, it took me a while to get used to it (back in the Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, area I am from, turn signals were for the weak).
  14. My vote would be close in N/NE or SE. The commute to beaverton could suck though.
  15. Garden home is an awesome place. Garden home is 10 min to central beaverton in Sw Portland. Don't move to hillsboro, ne, n, or se since it's far from your work and most of it isn't that great anyways. Garden home is in Sw Portland and is 10 min to central beaverton. Low crime, great running/biking trails, cool shops and restaurants nearby. Rent is fairly inexpensive compared to beaverton/ Raleigh hills. I pay 750 for a 1 bedroom townhouse with a huge garage, gas fireplace, 2 decks, water, sewer, and gas!
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  16. Lots of good opinions. Thanks guys. I guess I'll have to do some driving around before I find the happy medium among commute, rent, city vs country, etc.
  17. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    Really? Some of you Portlanders take yourselves way too seriously. You think Portland is yours? Your precious little hippy city? And people are spoiling it?


    To the OP: Portland is a great town. I'd live close-in on the East side if I were to live there... that's just me. And I've lived in or near Portland off and on my whole life. Just don't listen to the self-righteous bozos that try to make Portland out to be more than it is... it seems like half the people that live there act like it's the best (and only) city on the planet...
  18. I spent the last 4 years riding in Western Europe where speed limits are closer to California than Washington or Oregon and lane splitting is encouraged to reduce traffic. So yeah, I'll have to adjust back to the more sedated driving culture of PNW.
  19. Portland is a parochial city, meaning it is on a scale small enough that you won't ever feel like you're in a big city. Even the city streets are smaller than the average.

    I live in the city limits, in southwest (Hillsdale/Multnomah Village and not far from the Garden Home area), and like it for its proximity to the city. I can be in town in 15 minutes by bicycle, bus or car at almost any time. And, I can be in Beaverton in less time than that.

    But, almost any place in the Portland metro area has nice and not so nice neighborhoods. I'd pick up a city guide from Willamette Week newspaper or the visitor's bureau and read about the different parts of the city, what they offer, and see what appeals to you. Then, look for housing prices/rental prices to see what's in your price range.
  20. No no no! Listen to idiots on the interwebs! They always know what's best. crackup:
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