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Mt Hood Dualsport group ride?

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by jnicola, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    So, I got my WR400 plated and good to go... and I got some bearable street tires on it... which means it's time to shred Mt Hood!

    So, if I put together a group dual sport ride out here that was a good spread of road and offroad and finished at the top of timberline, would anybody be onboard? This probably be a good mix of dirt and street, with a strong possibility of dropping your bike a few times and/or mild offroad crashing.

    Are there enough people interested in such a ride?
  2. I'm your huckleberry. That's just my game. Say when...

    Just gotta swap wheels on the Husky.

  3. Now you want to go play. Figures.... My dual sport is down...
  4. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    I've got my MX bike too :D

    I was out with a broken collarbone for quite some time. Not sure if you heard about that...
  5. How gnarly is the off road? All I got are street tyres
  6. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    I suppose I could cater the route to whomever shows up and what you want to do. There's a lot to explore out here.

    Heck, we could even just keep it scenic and stick mostly to the roads.
  7. Well that's no fun lol
  8. When are the shinanigans goin down?
  9. I'm in. But be aware of the forest fire danger and that some areas might be closed.
  10. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    I'm not sure, but thinking next weekend is a good option if the weather keeps holding. I'll need to scout out some routes, but there's plenty of exploring to be had out here.

    Anyone want to do some midweek scouting with me next week?
  11. i could be down for scouting. BUT im not sure of my work schedule yet
  12. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    word, plus I'm a good distance trek from you, heh.

    Welp, keep me posted :)
  13. Weather holding out? Winter riding is fun. Cant wait to rally the klx in the snow and ice...
  14. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    When it snows, I go snowboarding :)
  15. The Barlow Rd. Starts off Hwy 35 and goes to Wamic.
  16. Dragon Rider

    Dragon Rider Post Whore (In Training)

    works for me,

    went about 4610, and the abbot road slide (you can actually ride it if it is dry), then towards barlow trail a few weeks ago.
  17. sounds like fun. I will see what the doc says about my ankle before I declare for the next ride. I doubt that I will try to keep up with you snowboard freaks!
    two boards rule
  18. Barlow Road is closed at 35. There's a failing bridge. Not sure what that means for a bike. I didn't have time to ride in past the "Road Closed" sign last week to have a look. You can get back on, via FR48, 7 miles to the east.
  19. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    Two planker... wait... SKIGULL!!!!!!

    I'm down to ride. I am going to do some exploring after work out here. I want to find some scenic stuff along with some "have to pick your bike up a bunch" trails as well :devil:
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