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Mt Rainier Ride

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by Buz, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. Thinking of a ride up toward the mountain today,leaving around 10:30am if anyone wants to go.
    Buz.. 8)
  2. I think I'll just sit in my office and stare outside all day. :x

  3. I'd be game but I grounded myself. Need to give myself a break after riding all day Tuesday and Wednesday and tossing a 7 mile hilly hike in the middle. I feel like I got hit by a Mack truck lol.
  4. Any good pics?
  5. Looks like you might run into a thunderstorm.
  6. Love some of the drives through there, as long as they do not go through the park itself.. it's a federal felony to carry there, and state permits are not honored.. and I always carry, seen too much not to in my time on this planet.

    Then there's the imminent bad weather so I'm gonna stay here and get business done, including the final wiring and mounting of my Holley Commander 950 EFI computer in my cobra..

    In the next week or two the weather should dry up nicely, or at least that's my fantasy. Then I'm game :|
  7. Weather was 72 and warm--traffic,nill
    Just miles and miles of open roads.
    Doesn't get much better than that!
    Buz.. 8)
  8. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    aaand you came in just in time to avoid the heavy showers... lucky bastard. stupid work... i would've gone if i was unemployed...
  9. Glad you made it dry.. catch ya next time. Really nice weather is coming soon.

    I nearly finished my cobra computer wiring this afternoon and boy was it a scream.. hardly any room to work in the inner dash, you have to be a human contortionist. :|

    The dash is reassembled and only have one power lead to finish running to the battery, the final power supply to the fuel pump, then the final installation of the fuel cell and the AN/SS braided fuel lines installation.. the fuel lines are mostly assembled now, just a few left to measure for when the cell arrives. I'm taking my time on this to make everything perfect, a bit of a perfectionist here.

  10. Yeeaap, probably going to make the ol' picture post tomorrow morning =P


  11. Another nice day out so far---where to go for a ride today...humm
    Buz.. 8)
  12. Although it's not raining right now in the Olympia area, it poured for 12 hours from dinnertime yesterday thru the night. Deluged might be a better term! Only the new plants and seeds in our organic garden are happy about that.. so rub it in about the dry weather up there yesterday cause it's supposed to rain off and on today, too, all thru the region.. :shock:

    It's gotta stop sometime ! :cry:
  13. +1
  14. Going to take a ride down to Fife to look at a new BMW 650 Dakar.

    Been thinking on adding another bike to the garage and this might just be the one.

    The weather is looking good today and even better tomorrow.

    I'm getting in as much riding as i can as work is calling me back to Alaska a week early, I'm leaving this Sunday and won't return till July 17th.

    At least I'll have a full two weeks off then.

    So Jafar--am i going to have to wait to see that new macine of yours..?.. :twisted:

    Anyone else not stuck working, it's time to ride!

    Buz.. 8)
  15. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    yeah, i'm not the free man i used to be. i'm working 6 days a week. if you want, swing by the coffee shop this afternoon, i'll be there with the rr.
  16. Yea it kinda goes hand n hand--new bike, more work.. :roll:
    What coffee shop you work at???
    Might just be able to swing by for a cup.
    Buz.. 8)
  17. Nice bike.. I went for the DR650E Suzuki and I'm quite happy with it except for an annoying front disc squeek that won't go away for long, but the BMW is a definite step up ! I'm considering a BMW 4 cylinder tourer in the future, either that or a FJR1300.

    It's still dry here this AM and if it stays dry I'm going to ride 'Max across town and pull a electrical fuel cutoff-upon-impact switch from a wrecked 2002 Ford Taurus, for my cobra fuel pump system. A mechanic friend (Roger) recommended it as long as I'm doing new wiring.

    BTW, if any of you need top flight work on your trannys, differentials, etc, including race setup, my buddy Roger, a very experienced and trained mechanic has just started his own business (Formerly co-owner of Randy's Transmission here in Tumwater, he saved my cobra's drivetrain from several tough problems it had, and he's a stand up guy) Let me know in a PM and I'll give you his phone number.
  18. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    in bellevue, 10226 NE 10th St. Near the Bellevue QFC, across from Paule Attar's Salon, right next to Papa John's Pizza. i'll be there from about 430p till 7p. i work there after my job at swedish. if you wanna visit me at swedish, simply high-side your bike and request to go to swedish, i'll see ya soon after.
  19. I'll swing by the coffee shop after 4p.m. as the other option is big $$$ and hurts a lot.. :oops:

    Buz.. 8)
  20. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    swinging by after work. got nothing else to do...