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Mt St Helens from Randle (north)

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by NB_Paul, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Planning a ride with some family members, day one from North Bend WA to Paradise Mt Rainier to La Wis Wis campground south of Mt Rainier, then day two to Windy Ridge Viewpoint northeast portion of Mt St Helens, then home to North Bend. About 3.5 hrs seat time down, and 5.2 hrs (time off at Windy Ridge) seat time back. Planning to use 131 south from Randle to NF99 up to the Ridge, then thinking about using NF26 for part of the ride back north to Randle. Has anyone been on NF26 lately (last few years)? Is the road surface sufficient for an enjoyable ride. Satellite images seem to show a good road where it can be seen. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Unless they paved that route this past winter, I'd avoid it. Lots of sudden and deep potholes and uneven road. I'd suggest going to Johnson Ridge instead as it will save your back and axels.
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  3. FR-99 is still closed due to snow, expected not to open until end of July. I think FR-25 might also still be closed.
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  4. Just checked. FR-99 to Windy Ridge is closed till July.
  5. Not a good road as said, maybe for the adventurous on a duel sport