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MVSB Celebration of Life - Thurs. 8-9-12

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by CopperSV1, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. CopperSV1

    CopperSV1 (Oregon) City

    I felt the need to post this in the Portland section as Chuck was from Portland before he moved to the Salem area. MidValleySuperBiker was a presence in everyone's life he touched. His passion and love for motorcycling only came second to the love he had for his wife. I know he was a frequent contributor on this forum as well as on many others.

    Chuck was on his weekly Thursday Night Ride when he was taken from us. Anyone that knew him knew he personified: All The Gear All The Time, Ride Your Own Ride, Stay Within Your Limits and Share Your Love And Knowledge of Riding With Others to Spread the Passion of Riding.

    His Salem are brothers and sisters would like to invite you to participate in a Thursday Night Ride to Celebrate Chuck's Life.

    "Brothers and Sisters,

    I have spoken with Mary Jo (MVSB's Wife), and she has expressed a wish and I wholeheartedly agree with her.

    We all know that Thursday is Chuck's night, and in keeping with his memory, his Memorial Service will be held Thursday, August 9th at 7pm at CityView Cemetary locatated at 390 Hoyt St in South Salem.

    Mary Jo asked that I lead a ride with my brothers and sisters from our weekly meeting spot at the Delaney Rd Park and Ride as we always do, to his Memorial service, and as Chuck would have wanted it.

    We plan on being there a bit early, probably about 6 for some brotherhood with our Hooligan Family. I would ask that no cars meet at the park and ride, just bikes. Cars meet us at Cityview... we will do this in traditional Hooligan fashion.

    Refreshments will be served at the reception immediately following the Memorial at the same location, and possibly some food.

    Please help me spread the word, and welcome all of our motorcycle family. We are all hurting from this loss, but we will honor his memory together as our Hooligan family always does.

    Kickstands up at 6:30 like always.....

    To MVSB!


    If anyone has questions, feel free to PM me. I will be checking frequently. Please...Be Careful. As I was writing this, I heard about another friend that went down (Is Ok, just sore).

    Copper (Mike)

  2. Aprilia

    Aprilia Sweep Crusader

    I'm going. If anyone wants to roll down as a group and show our condolences/appreciation/respects together, let me know. Post up or message me.
  3. What time and where are to thinking of meeting? I told Mo yesterday I wanted to be there a bit early. I may roll out way early to avoid the afternoon commute. It kind of depends on if others want the company on the trip south.
  4. Count me in of course.

    Sax and Cody, when you guys heading down? I have to adjust my work schedule, but I should be able to make the ride.
  5. I'm open for whenever. Last week at my current job location so I am free whenever.

    Sax, Brain, lemme know what the deal is.
  6. Mosser said people can hang out at his place earlier in the day if it would be helpful to anyone.
  7. Aprilia

    Aprilia Sweep Crusader

    I'm heading down around 4:30 to beat traffic. Stopping in Keizer at Graham's to drop gear.
  8. Aprilia

    Aprilia Sweep Crusader

  9. Not fair, I can't leave till 5:00.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2012
  10. I am leaving straight from Forest Grove. Not sure if I want to take the back way or freeway. Depends on when i am able to break contact from the office.
  11. For anyone else, I am rolling out of the lower SE side about 4:45. Not sure yet if I'm going 205 to I5, or taking 99E.
  12. I only got to meet Chuck once - he'd ridden his Bimota to Albany for BBQ. He was a real "dad" to the Hooligans, making sure everyone had fun while being safe. Wish I could have made it today, thanks to all who did to remember a great guy.
  13. Thanks to everyone that came today. Chuck was proud. Black Sabbatical was proud.
    Ride safe Brothers and Sisters.
  14. Aprilia

    Aprilia Sweep Crusader

  15. Didn't think a bunch of bikers could ever move me the way you guys have... I'm touched by your comments, I'm touched by your show of support and sincere grief over the loss of my husband, Chuck Walker (aka MidValley Super Biker).

    Thanks for being his friend and brother. Honor him by being careful on the road.

    Mary Jo
  16. Chuck is already missed. It was a great privilege to ride with Mid. Every ride I have ever went on with him will be cherished memory that I will never forget.

    4 wheels move the body , 2 wheels move the soul-MVSB
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