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My 88 Hawk 650

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Soul, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Here are 3 different shots of the bike.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. That is a nice, clean lookin' bike. I'm sure even Fighterama and Shwaa can appreciate this.

    Is that the stock color or was it painted?

    The right side view of the front tire with the single sided disc brake is just wicked lookin'! That wraparound pipe looks to be an old Two Brothers Racing, very nice too! Old school single sided swingarm!

    Looks like your missing the tire stem cap where you put the air in :nana

  3. haha Blah the stem caps are there..they are just..*GULP* Pink. :thefinge:
    But, I got skull stem caps off my old BMX bike that will do fine..
    The Bar ends are also pink..I dont know what the guy was thinking that put them on..whatever though.
    The bike was repainted but I'm pretty sure its the factory color - if not its real close. I may repaint it this winter..The tail on the left side has a small crack and the tail has clips broken..I dont know, I got a good deal and I will fix all physical blemishes over winter I hope. But thanks for the compliments. I have thought about doing a lefty exhaust just so I can show off that single sided swing arm but I have heard so many bad things about doing it on a hawk that I think i will pass. Thanks again for the compliments. :)
  4. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    SWEET. We need to ride...PM me

  5. Oh yeah, Ive always been a hawk fan. Would love one as a commuter and town hoolie bike... looks nice!

  6. Hey Soul. I think I know that hawk. How long have you owned it?

  7. Curt - Ahh about 2 months I think, but it was ridden in Colorado for most of its life and then was garaged/ridden sparingly in Missouri for a couple yrs..I bought it from a guy out there and had it shipped. I honestly dont know the bikes entire history.
    Thanks for the compliments..makes me feel not so bad about owning an 88!
    Schwaa, I would love to ride sometime, I will drop you a line or a message sometime, or I will just post a time or something on here..I may just be hanging out around here this coming weekend so I will prolly ride a ton..If im not here I will be riding down to Mccall..If anyone is going to boise or anything for the weekend maybe we could hook up so I could have some company down to McCall. Else, Schwaa, look for a phone call man.
  8. Ah, gotta be a different bike. Just the same very cool bikes. Lots of advanced engineering for their time.....

  9. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    just do High rise exhaust! That will keep it on the right side and you will be able to see the single sided swing arm....
  10. Jabstar, good call..But then I couldnt ever have a passenger...Not like anyone ever wants to ride with me anyway..but maybe one day. :cry: eheh
    Curt, yea prolly a dif one, I havent seen too many hawks in this area,(ok, i havent seen any yet) and I couldnt find any forsale in this area either..hmmm
  11. Thanks..But, I like yours man!
  12. Thanks. I've got no complaints :mrgreen:
  13. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    You know you can keep the rear peg for passengers too. Build your own bracket using the stock one. Go to a muffler shop with the bike and some tools pull the mid section out and have them bend you a new pipe to where you want it.
    If you live in Spokane, you could go to Docs muffler mart or Mach 1 Muffler! I know both places would help you out.

    There is a way. If you want I could even find a day and help you out!
  14. Jab, You're quite the bad ass man. I would like to do it but I will havta wait till I have a little bit of scratch. I dont even have enough at the moment to switch to uni-pods and a factory jet kit. How much does stuff like pipe bending cost?
  15. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    yeah, silverdawg, you really do have a sweet bike...
  16. bending tubing has more to do with material than with labor. I dont know which shops in town hydroform, but most of them use the kinking method of pipe bending like you see on cars. Not bike friendly. I definitely dig the single sider on that thing tho, so you should show it off! (when you have the dough)

  17. I got my bike back into my garage last night and had a chance to get some pictures. I do have a question though, the top of the left side fork is bent, right above the blinker, if you look at the picture of the left front. My question: is that actually two parts or..??? I think the seat being bent up is actually the seat bent and not the subframe, so hopefully this wreck hasnt been too terrible.
    Also, is anyone around moscow that could maybe swing by and help me make a parts list? I am stashing cash to fix it now, maybe I will get to ride again this season if I'm lucky. Here is my new unimproved baby.
  18. Oh man. I was gonna say I like your wheels and that right side header, then I scrolled down and it looks like there are more important things to talk about!

    That's one piece that comes up out of your fork tubes. The straightness of the 'male' slider is really important - it looks like your right is bent as well. Those forks definitely need to be straightened at the least, really oughta be replaced I think.

    That looks to be a hard plastic seat, like most of the one pieces - they don't really bend. It may just need to be removed and re-attached but it's more likely that your subframe bent than your seat. Hopefully a local can come out and look at it with you. Good luck on the repair!

    (And I hope you're ok after whatever happened to get it in that shape!)
  19. Red, thanks for the response.
    I am pretty sure the right fork is actually straight, I have had a couple people eyeball it and say it looks straight.
    Is there a technical term for the male slider?
    The seat connectors are also metal, and that is what is bent im pretty sure, I will maybe pop the seat off tonite, if i can get it off, to take a look at it, as well as take that rear plastic off to take a gander.
    And im not totally ok, I will eventually be ok and I want to ride again as soon as I am able to. There are pics on the "in light of why we wear gear" thread. thanks for your input on the fork thing, i wasnt sure if they were one or two peices.