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my new 2000 suzuki katana 600

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by tonmarchelli, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. here she is

    just bought it a couple of weeks ago,

    So far the only thing i have done is replace the front turnsignals with clear ones, replace the rear turn signals with the carbon/iridium ones, and i got rid of the rear mudflap. so far im really happy.

  2. That's a nice color blue for a Zook. How come the current models dont have that same color? Blue is the fastest color, proven on a dyno to gain an additional 4hp alone.

  3. And with a little work and some love (minus about a decade in age) You can make it look like this!


  4. where the hell did u gather this info? :scratchea
  5. seems like common sense to me, the sky is blue, the water is blue, i guess the bike is at home in its colorfull surroundings. i agree with beans, blue is faster, thats why my new 05 gsxr 750 is blue as well.
  6. oh well all i had was a can of black spray paint :rant i like that smiley i think his bike broke down or lost to a BLUE bike
  7. Check out my homepage for some more ideas.
  8. No pic for me but I am sure it looks good. Blue????? Don't you mean Yellow is the fastest. :nana :rr:
  9. i sold the bike some time ago, traded it in for an 05 gsxr 750. heres a picture of what it looked like right before i sold it.

  10. Daves929

    Daves929 Bike Whore

    Actually, red is the fastest color, that's why all the best CBRs and Ducks are red.
    Besides, my cop friend said so..........

    OK counts too, that's kind of like red!

    Couldn't leave out the repsol