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My new obsession

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by Thaloc, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. I work from a home Studio, self taught so far. Figure I wanna try it myself before I let someone stick me into a corner. I rode the 1125's, too much power for me. I couldn't imagine an 1190. Nah, I'm pretty sure KTM Sumo is in my future, but who knows.
  2. Great Work! They are all very nice, the 2 that stand out the most for me tho are pics #4 & #5. I would love a functional piece. Here on the West side (Puget Sound) area people seek more for local glass blowers rather than the cheap already cracked pieces that you speak of from China and India. Many would use it to smoke out of, but there is a growing population of people that are starting to appreciate it more for its artistic beauty rather than its functionality. Great Job!:thumblef:

  3. To be honest I got into this thinking I would do functional. But after being in front of the torch I enjoy solid sculpting better. Plus everyone is making pipes and stuff these days and the market is completely saturated with pipers. Artists down in Eugene/Portland making 3 piece full color spoons and only getting $15 for them. Functional doesn't get profitable until you get in front of a lathe.

    The pendant/marble scene is smaller and a bit harder to break into, you really have to make a name for yourself in the community. But once you do its far more profitable, and for my own part more enjoyable to make.