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My personal sob story

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by DevanJones, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. I guess I just wanna bitch a little bit.

    So in march I bought my first bike. I bought a 79 Suzuki gs850 for 1000 dollars. I went and got my learners permit and sold a bunch of xbox games to have money to buy a helmet (I'm a 19 year old barista, I don't make much money). I learned to ride on that bike and rode the hell out of it all the way until the middle of june.

    One day in the middle of June I was in Sumner, pulled up to a stop sign and when I pulled away it started running really odd. Almost non-rhythmically (I'm not a mechanic, can you tell?). It seemed like one cylinder was firing real low. Well as long as I kept the RPM's high It was okay so I rode it home and parked it.

    I checked my gas tank, petcock, etc. The easy stuff I knew to check. Well that didn't do it so I checked with shops and no one could fix my bike within the next two weeks and I met a guy here on the forum who would help me clean my carbs. Well clean them we did and the bike was still running poorly. I told the mechanic I had found previously and he said it still seemed like it was my carbs and that if I didn't blow them out with compressed air, then I didn't do it right so I had him clean them again.

    He said he found stuff in there and so I hooked them back up and the bike ran better, but still not good enough to ride. It didn't idle well and didn't accelerate from a stop without way too much clutch as well as not being able to get above 5,000 rpms and losing power uphill with the throttle all the way maxed out.

    Well I took it back to the shop in Enumclaw and did my two weeks of waiting before the guy could look at my bike. He went over everything. He checked plugs, swapped out coils, cleaned the carbs AGAIN, but he couldn't get it right.

    So he checked compression one cylinder running at 90 with the others at 120ish but they would switch up so sometimes a cylinder that was at 120 would go as low as 75. So he put some oil in there and the compression got much healthier which he says means the rings are probably bad.

    So he estimates it at a grand or more to fix a motorcycle I bought for a grand. I can't afford that much to fix the bike and the mechanic said fixing it would be akin to beating a dead horse anyways. But then he rode it around to see if I could ride it home at least and not have to borrow a truck and a trailer and he said (and I quote) "Well shit I don't know what to tell you. It seems to be running alright now." He said maybe I can ride it around and just keep a spark plug wrench and an extra plug on me for a season or two while I save money to buy a new bike. So my bike is just haunted by a malicious ghost I guess.

    Now I'm bored, out a bunch of money and I don't even have skyrim anymore since I sold it to buy a helmet.

    End of bitching
  2. Damn.


    Sold skyrim for an 850?


  3. I sold skyrim and other misc stuff to ride (A.K.A. buy A helmet). And believe me, my non-riding video game playing friends tell me all the time selling skyrim was blasphemous.
  4. hello fellow BL dweller
  5. Only in residence, not in a recreational or social capacity.
  6. i will give you $100. for it.
  7. I have skyrim. Thinking about Mailing it to you. I dont really get to play video games anymore anyways.
  8. Thanks, Dave, but I'm gonna see what I can do with it.

    SumoBear, I would never ask for it, but I will be passing through Vancouver on Sunday...
  9. So is it good enough to come to bike night and meet some of us? Theres a few home mechanics that may be able go lend a hand.
  10. It SHOULD be. The mechanic told me it would ride alright. And I should be able to make it to bike night on the 21st.
  11. Awesome! Hope it does. Come find the obnoxious people.(PNWers)
  12. HEY!!! I represent that!!! :rant
  13. I've tried to join a few times, but my work schedule never allowed it. Actually, my first one was gonna be at sparks firehouse dli, but that was the day my motorcycle first started acting up.
  14. Exactly :mfclap:
  15. skyrim? That bike sounds a lot like my old Shovelhead. crackup:
  16. Damn man, you sound exactly like me when I was 16. Sold almost everything I owned for a crappy '93 XR250L. Good times.

  17. we know u do..... hahah
  18. Alright. So I got the bike back today. It's running well enough to ride a little bit. I rode it probably like ten miles from the shop to my house and a couple more from my house to the bank and back. It's idling, albeit a little roughly. It is a little slow to accelerate and in higher gears it accelerates even less. It seems to be smoking a little out of the right hand side exhaust and the smoke seems to be from burning oil. The carbs are good and I dumped a can of berryman's in while I was down to the reserve part of the tank. I'm not good at describing things so I am mostly just keeping ypou guys updated until someone checks my bike out and puts it into words. In other news, my car won't start now so my bike is now my primary form of transportation to work and back.
  19. have you tried riding it with the petcock on prime?
  20. im not sure if u can or not but put some slick 50 in the oil to seal up the rings, just an idea, not sure if it will hurt anything else or not, as for the car is it turning over and wont start or will it not turn over?

    just was looking on craigslist and the issues u are having sounds almost like the problems a guy with an 83 had, thinking it was the rings he took it apart and found that the rings where good, now got me thinking, timing or cams bad?
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2012
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