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My ride to the Olympic Peninsula

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Red Raevyn, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. On Tuesday I headed out with my girlfriend and a laden SV around 6:30 AM. We were headed for Ozette WA and interesting points in between. The picture site tells most of the story but the riding stuff isn't there.

    I followed the main roads general route but I stuck with stuff I've learned from riding a lot. Things like taking any road that has Old as the first part of it's name - Old Sequim Highway, Old whatever. I also memorized the next few towns ahead of me and took roads that had their names in them. By doin that I managed to keep off the "highway" (a 60 mph limit mountain road) atleast 50% of the time. The roads were awesome, slow twisty incredibly scenic stuff that followed the coast.

    Around Port Angeles we checked out Hurricane Ridge as is reccomended. It was mostly foggy but it was still really cool. The road is awesome, even two up in the rain I was having a blast. It's 12 miles of really tight stuff. The last couple miles it started snowing heavily. I had to clean my visor off a lot but I never slipped or anything. I've really become comfortable riding in wet conditions (the snow was melting as soon as it hit) thanks to the ride along Windy Ridge last fall in pouring rain. (Windy Ridge is like 60 miles of 30 mph twisties along Mt. St. Helens).

    Route 112 along the coast farther west is a MUST ride if you're ever anywhere nearby. It was the best road I have ever ridden in my life, I think. Great twisties right beside the ocean. Hairpins and esses.. it was fabulous. My one scare of the trip was in the later part of 112. I was coming into a long sharp corner that was heavily banked (thankfully to correct camber) and saw that it was really shiny. The roads had been wet-ish but this looked like it was covered in oil or something. I was going plenty slow (30-35) but I thought "I'd better be steady on the throttle through this." About halfway into the corner I thought "I wish I'd come in even slower" and although I was trying not to I think I must have rolled off the throttle a little bit. The front skipped a beat and I immediately got back on the throttle and put my inside foot down. The tire grabbed again as soon as I re-applied the throttle so the foot never came into play, but my girlfriend wasn't happy about the whole experience. She was looking closer at the surface and said she thought the road was covered in fine mud through the corner. There are lots of logging trucks around there so it wouldn't be surprising.

    Speaking logging trucks, they're amazing out there. I saw countless trucks in all sorts of turns but I never saw a single truck with one wheel over the yellow line. I was impressed.

    The road into the campsite was even more awesome twisties though with a really weird surface. It was kinda rippled and chunky, like gravel glued into place on a surface not entirely even. It was still fun.

    The way home was a great ride too. Had a run-in with the po-po though :eek I was going 68 in a 60. This is a road with 3 mile straight stretches - only mountains and state parks within 20 miles, huuuuge shoulders, etcetera, so I couldn't believe he pulled me over. I saw him from a mile away (I think I actually saw him before he radared me) but I didn't even roll down to the speed limit because I couldn't imagine someone giving a flying crap if someone did 68 =P Learned my lesson... The exhange went like this:
    Cop: Watching your speed today?
    Me: Yes sir
    Cop: How fast were you going then?
    Me: About 69, I think.
    Cop: Close, I got you at 68. Do you know what the speed limit is here?
    Me: Yep, 60.
    Cop: So you were purposefully speeding?
    Me: I guess.. yeah, I was. I figured, mountains, middle of nowhere... I don't know.
    Cop: All right... (etc license registration)

    He ended up giving me a warning on the speed but he came back with really interesting news - my license has no motorcycle endorsement. That was a hell of a surprise. I was of course endorsed in PA but nonetheless when I came out to WA they made me take a written test again to get my MC here, and I paid something like $45 to have the motorcycle endorsement. What a bunch of bullocks. Luckily Emily (my girlfriend) also has a MC endorsement on her PA license from taking the MSF course, so the cop told me she had to ride the bike out of there. I wasn't processing well so at first I was explaining to him that she'd never ridden two-up and hadn't ridden at all in a year, but then he made it a bit clearer: "Look, she has to ride it out of here. I'm going that way *points opposite direction*. That's all I'm saying."

    So needless to say I rode it home and called the DOL right away. They're looking into it and calling me back... :rolleyes.

    So anyway, here's the pics

    (The SV was sooooo awesome for the whole trip, I friggin love this bike)
  2. Those are some awesome pics, especially the one sitting on top of the rock! I like!

    I cant believe you had all that gear mounted on your moto AND had two people riding in the rain on it are truely hardcore!

    At least the cop was cool, cops over here are bigger sticklers about having no endorsement than speeding! Does the back of your license actually have the endorsement number on there?

  3. Great pics, sounds like you had a great ride over there.
  4. Sounds like a fun time. I plan to be out in that area in a few weeks.
  5. spolic

    spolic Ducati Pilot

    Great pictures and glad that they are all SFW :sunny:
  6. Yeah I think the no-endorsement saved my ass on the speeding ticket so maybe I should be grateful, but I was mostly just pissed.

    I just got it all sorted at the DOL. Since I paid cash I can't prove I paid my fee so I had to pay a $10 reissue fee and a $10 endorsement, but that was it and I've got my temp license with the endorsement on it, and the other one on it's way. Worked out ok cause I had gotten my license soon before turnin 21 so I got bumped to the horizontal license in the process! The DOL was actually surprisingly cool and efficient about fixin the mistake.

    Silverdawg, do what people told me to and watch out for cops on 101. On 112 and 113, as well as all the side roads, I saw nothing, but they're prolific on the eastern part of 101/104. It's the main road for tourists/campers and all the commerce like logging and stuff so it makes sense. I think I saw 6 between Lake Crescent and Sequim!
  7. jezterr

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    nice to run into a cool cop once in a while... pretty pictures. should've eaten that bird.
  8. Awsome pics. Looks like you guys had a blast.
  9. Yeah, I've ridden in the area a few times. Never been clear enough for me to go fast anyway. Your right. Police all around in both directions of Port Angeles.
    Last summer I did find the road east of 101 (near Kalaloch) that goes up to the prison. 40+ miles of no traffic on a twisty road. Seriously, on a 90 degree Saturday, I saw one vehicle. Good thing I didn't bite it. I probably would have been in a ditch for a week before someone found me.
    Next month my ride through there will be with family members on Harleys. I don't think speeding will be too much of an issue.
  10. Oh man I missed it! I remembered someone said something about a prison over on STN, so when I saw a road headed for a prison in Clallam Bay I took it. It was just a few miles of (admittedly nice and scenic) sweepers though. Next time I'll be writing this stuff down before I head out =P
  11. sweet pics man looks like you had fun...I'm going to have to figure out how to pack that much shiat on my ride and go have some fun...
  12. I'm going to have to figure out how to pack that much and bring a girl to go have some fun...
  13. I don't see any pics :cry:

    But as far as the Staters, they have a training academy out near Shelton.. so there is a high ratio of them on the road on the Peninsula.. watch out !
  14. FYI that area of the pennisula was deemed to be the most dangerous stretch of road in washington by the staters so they have a VERY LARGE presence over there. In fact four of their "undercover" cars are over there. My personal favorite is the one done up like a's purple and even has rates on the doors. It's a 70's lincoln/mercury? Funny Funny shiat peoples....they kind of give themselves away when you see a taxi out in the middle of nowhere just tooling around...
  15. Lol Blackstar that sounds ridiculous. I noticed the "Traffic Safety Program for next 10 miles" signs every 10 miles =P, I figured it was sleeping or drunk driving.

    Max, the pictures are on a site I linked to in the first post::

    Yeah, it's there as "here's the pics" at the end, but it doesn't stand out as much as links usually do.
  16. Linkie no longa' on your first post ! :scratch:

    But I'll check out the link
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    Wow, those are some great pictures. Glad you had a good time.
  18. G-Spot

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    I will be honest....I didn't read all the posts....but were guys over by Lake Quinalt at all? Some of your pics looked kinds familiar. My parents and I used to go camping over there every summer......just curious.....
  19. Nice write up/pics. Great pictures, that part of the state is very beautiful & it looks like you two had a sampling of all the weather that the PNW can throw at you. Glad to hear you had a good time.