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My Spring Break is boned.

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Lucky, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    So Friday afternoon, I'm all excited about spring break. Done with midterms, done with huge assignments (or at least I can put them off until the night before we go back)...done with everything.

    I had no idea how to spend the rest of the afternoon until my wife got home, and there was a breeze up, so I decided to pull out my kite (I have a 3' pirate ship kite I got at the air museum in Seattle.).

    I take the 30 minutes to reassemble the thing, and walk on outside to relax in the warm afternoon sun.

    The wind dies.

    Hey no problem, it's all good. I'll just buy that new can of Plexus I had on my mind, and shine up the Busa. In a few hours, my bike is all shined up, my lungs are filled with the sweet smell of Plexus, and all is well. Oh man, my bike looked so sweet, I couldn't wait until the next day's ride to the Tri-Cities.

    Today I wake up this morning to the whistle of the wind. Son of a.... I walk outside to see my bike coated in dust. DAMN YOU MOTHER NATURE! Where were you yesterday when I wanted to fly my kite? But hey, the bike shop awaited, so my wife got in the lag-wagon and I got on the hayabusa, and off we went to the Tri-Cities.

    The wind wasn't too bad, until about 1/3 of the way. Then BAM! Freakin' hurricane outside. I was dodging tumbleweeds and cows and houses and Helen Hunt and stuff. Fortunately my fat 1300 kept me on the ground. I saw a couple of Ninja 250's and Geo Metros flying around in the air, and I'm like "WHICH WAY TO KENNEWICK?!" They just laughed at me like I was crazy or somethin'.


    So the wind is steady at my right side for like 60 miles, and I had to keep my bike steady at like a 20 degree angle or so ( guesstimate, it felt like 40 degrees, but I don't wanna exaggerate ) to the right to keep balance...


    I thought for sure I'd be in trouble by the time I got to the Tri-Cities, because they don't screw around over there with the wind. They got those lines of windmills. It's like Holland, but instead of fine stein totin' Bavarian women, they just have Hanford, expensive rent, and bad water.

    BUT THEY HAVE SHUMATE MOTORSPORTS!!! I pressed on, and finally when I turned south, the wind was going with me, so it wasn't bad. 150 miles total trip and I was where I wanted to be. Hung out a while and looked at the bikes. The service guys let me in the back shop to look at a Haybusa they were working on...some local guy had a 2002 with a Turbo on it...supposedly pulling 233hp. I wish I could have met the owner, but it was cool to look at it and drool for a while.

    I was broke as joke, so instead of going to lunch, my wife and I just had these cheap crackers in our car. I'm not talkin' like the Sam's Choice crackers either. I don't even think the brand name for these crackers was in English. We both went to town on those, until we were parched. We payed 25 cents for a big to-go cup of water at Quiznos. I've drank better stuff from my Chem 101 test tubes.

    I get in the lag-wagon, and it's comparable to a river-weenie experience ( you know, when you jump in a cold body of water and your manhood shrivels ). I go from riding one of the fastest vehicles around to one of the slowest ( 1.9 liter baby! YEEEEAAAAA!!!!) So I'm headin' home in the lag-wagon, excited that maybe I can bust out my pirate ship kite ( it came with a free eye patch too, it is so tight ). I come back to Pullman....NO WIND. DEAD. OH MAN I HATE YOU MOTHER NATURE!!!!!

    No biggie. I have my guitar. I will just chill out and sing the blues or something. But then my church's missionaries call up and say "Hey, one of us got in a bicycle accident and are stuck recuperating in the apartment. Can we borrow your guitar for a few days to play some hymns or something?

    I thought about telling the missionaries off, but I figured that I need all the blessings I can get. I don't know what I did, but it seems obvious that God hates me right now, and I need to make up for it or something.

    Just to let you all know, now that my bike is in the shop, I promise that the the forecast will be warm and sunny for the next 7 days. You can thank me later.

    I am just going to end it now and jump off of Hower Tower.


  2. Woohoo!

  3. :lol:

    Funny story! Thanks for the weather, I plan on making excellent use of it!