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Discussion in 'New Users' started by krychek57, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Been a while since I've posted in one of these crackup:

    HI! I live in the area, work in the area, and decided to join you nuts on the road & superslab.

    I currently ride a 95 XT225 to work and back occasionally playing in traffic around here. It is a loaner bike while I get comfortable with the road. Soon it will be replaced with a 81 Goldwing Interstate. For that, I have plans and it won't be keeping it's fairing for long :stir:.

    Took the MSF early last month, and my endorsement. I look forward to chatting & riding with you "all"


    - Chris
  2. Welcome! Doing something like this? [​IMG]

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  4. Oh jeeze.
    You have much to learn.
  5. Oh no, I know myself very well :nana

    That aside, yes. Learning is half the fun :ninja:
  6. Mmmmmm, I've now upgraded from the XT to a couch on wheels.

    As I'm riding it home from Canby, OR to Tacoma.

    Removed the rear "luggage" before Radio removal.

    Removing Radio and cleaning everything up.

    Strike a Pose!

    Hrm, I'm missing pics of after radio removal... I'll get on that.
  7. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome, but you look pretty young and like you have trouble touching your feet down?! ;)
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  8. They say these bikes are well balanced. I'll have to look into Handlebar controls :nana
    Edit: Seems my "rank" is well titled lol
  9. welcome:

    Have to agree with Pete on needing longer legs. Not sure how much it could be lowered, but I think lowering it 2 1/2 feet might be out of the question?


    Rip it, strip it into a heavy weight café!:thefinge:

    P.S. Very cute.
  10. Thanks!

    Maybe a set of these 8"ers would lower me enough

    I'll be going with the "naked" GoldWing style. That is after I figure out an electrical gremlin that cropped up this morning >_<

    Edit: I LOVE this look
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  11. Will be watching this one.
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  12. I hope to entertain.
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