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need a lawyer in Whitman County

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by steve (oldertrble), Jun 4, 2005.

  1. got me a big ticket today in Whitman County - cuffs and the whole bit - nasty county mounty said we were "racing" which we weren't - we were just having a good time through the twisties in the canyons down near the Snake River - he got us big time and was a real ass hole - $530 ticket - originally was going to impound the bikes and take us in, had us in cuffs and the whole nine yards - but after looking at the Ducati and the brand new Gixxer he said he was worried the tow truck might damage them. He figured we'd sue their ass if they were damaged - I didn't say it that way but I did tell him the bikes were brand new and in perfect condition and if they weren't found that way we'd be seeing THEM in court - after conferring with his WSP buddie for about 20 minutes he comes back and says he's "reconsidered" and is not arresting us and is not imounding the bikes but is still ticketing us, but for a lesser charge - In this case the WSP was the guy that talked some sense into the county mounty - within minutes there were four sherrifs and the WSP on the scene - it was not pretty -

    If anybody knows of a good lawyer in the Colfax area I'd like his/her name and number - better yet if anybody is married to or related to the prosecutor in Whitman County all the better - !!!! -

    It was a great day until that happened and even a great day after it happened - it could have been worse -

    Paul - I should gone with you and Chelsea -

  2. man steve, that sucks. good luck with that case. if you dont mind my asking, how fast were you going?

  3. I have one in Spokane that is working with me to fight some nasty case that I had in Pullman with the five-o. He's REALLY good and getting me everything I want even though the prosecutor is a whore.

    Not sure if he does just plain and simple traffic cases, but your case is a little more complex, so maybe:

    Ronnie Rae
    1408 W. Broadway
    Spokane, WA 99201
    office: 509.323.9000
    cell: 509.879.4082

    Tell Maria Morawska from Pullman told you to call, he's working on my case right now. GOOD LUCK!!!
  4. Thanks for the reply - anymore suggestions most appreciated - the sheriff says he "shot" us at 91 - I have no idea - I don't - we were just mosying along on the twisties having a good time - he was really over the top - he said that in any other instance that would have gotten us a reckless driving and an arrest - for some reason he was "nice" and gave us a break - only a negligent driving- the ticket contained no speed on it - which is curious to me -

    If anybody knows of any Whitman County attorneys that aren't in bed with the law I'd love to hear from them -

  5. Steve I feel for ya man, I rode by when the sheriff was arresting you. I wanted to throw something at him, but then they'd jack my money too. :x Best wishes on the case!
  6. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

    neg driving tickets are actully fairly easy to get dropped without a lawyer, get a copy of the report on the ticket and see what it says, according to the RCW he has to show that you were endangering people or property or it's not negligent driving, I've gotten both of mine dropped so far. :)

  7. Neg driving isnt a speed related charge, its a safety of the motorist charge, which does not necessitate the speed being written on the ticket. Big question is, are you willing to plea-bargain and eat a big fine, but have it become a moving violation instead of a misdemeanor (neg could still be an infraction, not sure), or do you want to go the $2k for a legal fight? I had a lame situation in idaho causing a similar circumstance. Truck lost its forward gears when the tranny tanked, so I backed it down the side of the road to the tranny shop, ended up getting a misdemeanor wreckless driving charge. I plea bargained into a deferred sentence, paid my fine, and spent a year on probation (for F-ing backing down the side of the road!) but never had it on my record. My lawyer was a Paine Hamblen guy, so if your lookin for someone up here, Id call Andrew Mitchell at Paine, Hamblen, Brooke & Miller, then tell him eric sent ya.

  8. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

    neg driving second degree is prolly the charge, it's a moving violation not a felony, I can look up the RCW when I get home from work...

  9. Neg driving 2 is the charge and yes I'm going to get a lawyer and fight - I hate spend 2K but that, in the long run is cheaper than having it on my record for three years and having both my auto and bike insurance go out of sight - I've got a totally clean record due to having fought several speeding charges over the years - but never a neg driving charge - this is new to me -

    How'd you beat the neg driving charge? I'd love to hear more about that - that's where a good lawyer will hopefully come in handy - - in our mind, we weren't endangering anyone - clean road - no traffic, etc - he says we were doing 91 and "racing" which is ridiculous -He said that in Wa State racing can be merely revving your motor at a stop sign - we weren't racing we were several bike lengths apart, he initally claimed we were side by side which we weren't - the Duc was at least 5 bike lenght or more behind me - I said to him after he calmed down that if we were racing which we weren't that my Suzuki which would go at least 170 mph would have been a half mile ahead of the Ducati - ( he was on a Multistrada) great on the twisties but a 120 mph bike - we were only having fun in the twisities frankly I have no idea what speed we were going -

    Thanks for all the suggestions, comments and tips, I appreciate them - and if you have other lawyer suggestions send them forward - as for the Paine Hamblen guys, they are probably good but have an hourly billing rate twice what the independent guys are and for the most part aren't interested in traffic matters - but I'm open for anything - I've used a guy here several times, n/o Peter March an he's been great but I don't know whether he'll want to go to Whitman County or not - that opens a totally different set of cirucumstances and from what I hear the prosecutor down there is not terribly friendly to outsiders - and to negotiating any alternate arrangements at least not without a lawyer - we'll see, as I'm definitely going to fight it as far as I can -

  10. D'oh that sucks Steve! Really sorry to hear that you got tagged. I wish you the best in getting it resolved!

    If it were me, I'd go the route of discovery + talking with the prosecuting atty prior to making any decisions on a lawyer...
  11. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

    got my first neg driving (riding a wheelie through a intersection from a stop light) by quoting the RCW and emphasising the portion that requires me to endanger people/property, and emphasised that the officer did'nt put trafic conditions on the report.

    second neg driving (113 in a 35) officer did'nt state speed I was going on report, just said I was speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. Once again emphasised that I did'nt endanger people/property and that the officer did'nt show how I had in the report and it was dropped as well.

  12. Definitely gonna need to talk with the lawyer, but the Paine guys were nice to have. Cost me $1k total, plea bargain plus a court appearance. I was a Wreckless driving misdemeanor, criminal traffic offense with them offering me a $1000 fine and a nice hotel + 3 meals a day + free health care as long as I stayed in their choice of rooms for 6 months. I would definitely pursue deferral of that, and if I remember correctly, you can either bargain for it with the DA or you can ask for it from the judge at the trial. Mine was a bargain, and since it was a criminal trial, any traffic infractions did not have bearing on it. Start a thread, would love to see how you stick it to the man on this one!

  13. He originially was going to ticket us for "reckless" but after thinking through the consequences of having to deal with towing the Ducati and Gixxer ( and running the risk of damage to them) he decided to let us off with the neg driving - at least that's how it apperead - whatever the case I do have some contacts at Paine Hamble and will talk to them - do you remember the name of the attorney that handled it? I think they may have an office in Colfax which will help keep the costs down some - I'd prefer to get "local" as in Colfax representation (that is if I can find a competent lawyer down there that I can have confidence that will fairly represent me) as I feel they will treat their own better than the big city guys coming down from Spokane - we'll see how it all plays out - I'm hoping he isn't too smart on the paper side and forgets to turn it in timely (fat chance) or something technical like that to get us off - that would be asking too much I know -

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    If you haven't already heard, I got a neg back in feb. riding my bike to work. I had cut a stater off, he didn't look like a cop, weaving through traffic. I gave my lawyer the $350 that she wanted, and end of subject. She is good friends with spokane county prosecuter! Steve, she also got one my tickets dropped in ritzvelle. She was friends with prosecuting attorney out there as well. For th ritzville one, all I had to do was make $150 donation to the Ritzville pet rescue Foundation.... what ever the hell that was, anyways that was the price of my ticket, it was removed from my record. She is good at what she does. Here is her contact info...

    "Keelie" ask for her
    Robert Cossey and Associates
  15. thanks - I think I've gotten it settled - worked out a deal with the local district court - they don't use a prosecutor for traffic down there so there isn't any way to negotiate anything - hopefully I've gotten it mostly taken care of w/o too much pain except for the cost - the only concession I asked for and one that was totally selfish on my part was if I could make a payment plan - they offer it on the back of the ticket - I'm asking if I can pay it off in 10 years - nah - just kidding - but I am asking for an easy payment plan just to make it less irritating in spending 580 bucks - !!!


  16. In Spokane it's pretty easy to work out "deals" with the prosecutor - basically they want the money - and justice is served if it's not too major of an incident- in this case Whitman County does not use prosecutors to deal with traffic cases - you got directly to the judge or plead guilty and pay the fine - only choices - except if you are eligible for the deferred sentence arrangement which I believe I am you can take that w/o going to court - the clerk in the county handles that- you pay your face amount of the ticket and 25.00 bucks and ask for a deferred agreement - if you don't get another ticket within the year it goes away - if you do -it comes back and bites you and it shows on your record that is unless you are lucky enough to get the second ticket to go away - (don't ride in Whitman County) - I'm looking at that option as I do qualify - it seems like my best course of action - after discussing it with two attorneys they said the likelihood of going before a judge in Whitman County and winning a neg driving ticket is minimal - if I lose, I'm out the dough, the lawyers fee, and it's on my record - this is a better option for me I believe -if you see an old fart going 55 on a yellow Gixxer 1000 or Ducati MultiStrada you'll know it's me - be nice as I don't want to behave but I don't want to deal with the shit of the insurance going through the roof and the possibilty of losing my license which is what wil happen if I get another real ticket in the next 12 months- grrrrrrr

  17. Dang Steve, hate to see you use your deferrment for this petty offense, keep it easy the rest of the riding season and you'll be alright come this winter and your good to go.

    Clean my house.
  18. Hey good move, but keep in mind you cant defer for another 7 years. I would definitely go that route.

  19. it seems the best of the options available to me - I don't like it and hated to use it but what the hell - it's the first time I've ever had to use it in 20 years of riding - besides in 7 years I'll be in the nursing home with some young babe feeding me while I drool all over her living in my memories of the golden age of motorcycles we currently live in.

    When I told my wife about the ticket she said - "I guess you'll just have to buy a Harley" - we had a good laugh over that one - I'll ride my mountain bike much more before I do that -

  20. I wish I had sponge baths to look forward to in seven years. :cry: