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Need a lawyer in Whitman County

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by steve (oldertrble), Jun 5, 2005.

  1. If any of you Whitman County folks know a good attorney that can represent me / us in a traffic matter in your county would appreciate hearing from you - got a "negligent driving" ticket in the canyons enroute to the Snake River - the Sheriff was a little over the top and said he was giving us a break because he would have arrested anybody else for reckless - he liked our leathers and bikes I guess -

    Claims we were doing 91 in a 50 - any lawyer references in your area most appreciated


  2. Hey man, just curious of who the officer was? I got pulled over by a whitman co sheriff for 76 in a 45 and got the same threat. HE kept trying to argue with me (but I kept my mouth shut, only yes sir, no sir) and kept saying "you sport bike guys...". He was a dick. anyway, just curious if its the same guy. good luck man, don't know of any lawyers here.

  3. his name was Waltz - V Waltz - and he initially was going to make it a reckless ( jail, cuffs, impound bikes etc) but changed his mind and made it negligent driving -

  4. sorry man, but thats the same guy. I know what you had to deal with, he is an ass in the first degree. and a f-in hypocrit. I was at a social engagement after he pulled me over and he was telling me about when he was on the west side he saw a guy on a sport bike pull a 60mph standup and ride it down 167. He said it was one of the coolest things he'd seen. and when he pulled me over it was nothing but "you sportbike guys this, you sportbike guys that" and threatened next time he saw me do ANY thing wrong I'd be in cuffs. Good luck dealing with this ticket.