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need a rear supermoto tire 150/50/17

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by TheSumoBear, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I'll be doing some shopping around today but have a feeling I'm not going to find the contiforce sm I really want. So if anybody has something with any decent enough tread for one long ride on the cheap please message or text me. Numbers in profile.
  2. Found a set on CL for a hundred bucks. But the rear was a 160 that was trimmed to fit the guys bike. Says its about a 150 now. My gut says don't do it. But maybe I'm being over cautious on this and its fine? Need opinions pleeease.

  3. i have seen some people run a 160... with some chain rubbing on the tire
  4. I have too. But this was cut to fit witj a razor blade...
  5. Oh never mind. I just saw a pic of his hack job. Yikes.
  6. I run a 160 Michelin no rubbing issues
  7. Oh seriously? I thought for sure a 160 would rub.
  8. I just measured the clearance. I really don't believe a 160 would fit. According to my tape measure it would come out to the middle of the chain
  9. Re measured and I'm a dummy. It would fit. But I just read 160s don't fit quite the way that they are supposed to on a 4.5" rim
  10. i run a 160 on a 4.5" rim. came stock that way on my SMC.

    also, i had an old distanzia that was a 150. i threw it away on saturday. bummer dude.
  11. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    I have a Power One 160 rear that I ran on my DRZ. I personally didn't care much for the profile on the DRZ, but it's cheap if you want to come pick it up.
  12. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    my drz currently has a pilot power 160 and it rubs but just slightly.
    not a fan of the profile either & have a 150 on order.
  13. 150/60 fits perfect on the DRZ ;)

    Hey Grant.. isn't your rear wheel a 5" ???
  14. If it's the OEM Berh wheel then it should be a 5" ;) both my Berh rear wheels are 5" ;) .. .do you have the Cush drive hub Grant?
  15. Don't forget.. I have that Michy front for ya ;)
  16. yes.

  17. You should be good and have the 5" ;) I so love the cush drive on mine :mfclap:
  18. me tooo? maybe?

    i tried to install the vapor last night. speedo cable is a dick.
  19. Should be easy... the pick up should be mounted on the fork guard;) and swap a rotor bolt with the magnetic rotor bolt and there ya go (oh... make sure pick up is same height when rotor is near guard ;) ).. Easiest way to get your tire size is put a mark on the floor and a mark on the tire and go forward one full revolution make a mark, measure and convert to mm ;)
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