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Need new tires...any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Lolat440, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. I have purchased a 2001 Falco with 5700 miles on it and I love it!
    The tires are the original Metzler tires which are worn and hard as rocks. Not too confidence building in the wet as I found out (but not the hard way thank goodness!).
    I just put multiple hickies in the saddle from involuntary butt clenching.
    I mostly ride an hour or so at a time with an occasional track day.
    I was looking at a new set of Pirelli Rosso III's. Am I on the right track or would the Falco respond better to another tire make/model?
    thanks in advance,

  2. Rossos are great tires but are a lot more expensive than Dunlop Q3s. People very commonly suggest Q3s if you are going to be on the track occasionally. They are decent in the rain as well. But not many tires are both excellent in the rain and excellent on the track (dry).
  3. What kind of life you get out of the G3s?
  5. The Mich Road Pilot 4(four) is usually considered the gold standard of wet traction. It is considered the best all round street tire. Its characteristics for turn in and ride are said to be neutral and that is excellent. They also wear better than almost everything else.

    Soo: top marks in traction wet/dry. Excellent wear. Top marks in handling. Top marks in ride. What else is there?

    Of course, I have zero experience with anything else but just read the reviews and shoot-outs.
  6. Are the Pilot road 4's a dual compound tire? I had an F150 cut me off and lock up his brakes on I-5 last summer and now have a nice flat spot on my pilot power 2ct rear. how are they pilot 4's going to handle in comparison to the 2ct's?
  7. Q3, Rosso's are great, for street squidding Angel GT or DR2's are awesome. Only complaint about my DR2's is that on my Ape I tend to leave massive black streaks behind me :)
  8. Pilot Powers are for dry traction. PR4's (and their predecessors) are touring tires. As I recall, PR4's are DCT. I had PR3's on my Triumph Sprint and loved them! My friend has PR4's on his, but says they feel harder than the PR3's he had before. Stiffer sidewalls, I guess. Great tires, though.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. I found a good deal on some Angel GT's so I ordered them.
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  10. Easily one of my favorite compounds. Back home in FL when it was always hovering around 100 degrees these would get nice and gummy and let my ZRX1200 rip shitties without worry. Break-in is appx 100 miles but after a few sets I'd recommend closer to 150 before throwing a knee out and really testing the tread. They don't seem to stay hot as long either so keep that in mind
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  11. Thanks for the tips
  12. Michelin Pilot 4... Only thing I'll run. I ride in the rain, though...
  13. I'm really loving my Pirelli Angel GTs.. this will be my second season using them as a track/all weather tire. I went to them as a "they're on sale and I'm bored of my Pilot Powers/they stopped making the 3tc anyways, so I'll give them a try". I find that they last me a while with more aggressive riding and do a darn good job at keeping me planted on the road in inclimate/wet weather so long as I do my part and don't push too hard. The key, with these tire's, I've found is making sure that they are properly warmed up as they are a bit harder of a compound and can be slippery when cold/hard. Best of
  14. Sport touring tires are equally as good as race tires 20 years ago and they last much longer. You can drag your knee all day on any of the popular Sport Touring tires. I happen to prefer Dunlop tires for every application from race to cross country travel but its simply a matter of rider preference. I have been on the Dunlop Roadsmart tires since their first introduction to the public for my everyday bike (Kawasaki Concours). Dunlop recently came out with the third generation of the popular Roadsmart (Roadsmart III) and claim to have better grip both wet and dry than the PR4 as well as more mileage. They are considerably cheaper than the PR4. I will be trying a set soon.
  15. To be honest newer tires are better than pretty much any tire from 20 years ago. The tech has come lightyears since then.