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Need to borrow/rent a trailer to haul two bikes from Seattle to Olympia by end of month

Discussion in 'Westside' started by strommer, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Hi. I am losing my garage storage here in Seattle at the end of March and need to relocate two bikes to Olympia to a friend's garage. I looked at U-haul site, but it appears that their trailers only can take one bike (correct me if I'm wrong- think 900 pounds is maximum load). So, wondering if one of you folks would help me out. Would be happy to pay you (or work a trade) if I could borrow your trailer to haul the two bikes there and back. I'll be renting on of U-haul's or Budget's truck to pull the trailer. Should take about 3 hours to do the whole job. Feel free to reply here or message me. Thanks a million!!!
  2. You want an older 5x9 Ramp trailer ( as it doesn't have the single wheel chock. It will hold a couple bikes and is easy to tow. I'd advise getting it done mid-month as the last weekend of the month it's tough to get anything without previous reservations. I'd also call 1-800-GOUHAUL to make the reservation and if you are close, do the one at 12000 NE 85th in Kirkland (right by Costco). You could also rent a 15 foot truck as it has a ramp, just don't say you are using it to haul motorcycles with.

    Yes, I'm plugging the store I moonlight at......
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    I don't trust anyone with my trailer, but if I was pulling it I would be happy to help as I've taken two bikes no problem in my enclosed 5x8. I am free, to my knowledge tomorrow after noon and most of Sunday..unless the g/f has made plans for me. I'm otherwise swamped the rest of the month.

    I realize I am just south of Auburn so a bit of a drive up to get and then south and then back up but an option.
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  4. You did not mention the weight of the bikes? Or what they are?
  5. Thanks a bunch. Lots of very helpful advice.
  6. Really appreciate the offer. Got some help already. Would have been too far to go up to Auburn. Thank you!