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Need upholsterer in Portland for SV650 track seat

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by wascostreet, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. I'm in need of some custom work on my stock SV650 seat as I find it too squishy and grippy for good movement on the bike at track days. I've got a spare seat pan and would like to get a seat built with much firmer foam and a grippier cover. Any recs on a good upholsterer who does bike seats? I found New Church Moto down the page but I don't need anything fancy per se, just some solid function.
  2. He's not in the PDX area, but Wyckedan does a great job. Just requires mailing your seat up to Seattle for a couple days.

  3. There is a guy on Prescott just east of 33rd. He has a pretty good selection of cover material too. I think you can get foam from Sargents.
  4. Did you ask Ginger for a quote?
  5. Dude, Ginger at New Church Moto will work with you on what you want done. She's VERY busy with work but her prices are reasonable for this type of work and will do anything from basic to fancy. And she's local.
  6. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    You will find none finer than "Wyckedan." Put that seat in a box and ship it along with ideas. He will work with you, and is "More" than reasonable in pricing. Also short turn around time, so if summer ever comes back you will have your ride...AJ
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  7. I do custom upholstery. Work at beaverton auto upholstery for a day job but do bike seats on the side. My number is 503 577 6637. Text or call me. Id like to help you out
  8. Contact DESVIO here on the board. He does seats and leather work on the side and can do whatever custom work you want done. His number is 503-890-2707.
  9. Thanks everyone, I'll check out these recs.
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