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Networking rides!

Discussion in 'Northern ID' started by Matin99, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Welcome everyone. Feel free to post up all future rides and events even if its a possible solo trip. Most likely someone else would be interested going out with you.

    On the 21st or 22nd there will be a ride meeting up in Moscow. This ride was generated in route of spiral highway or more formally known as "rattle snake grade". So post up your interest and we will see ya on the roads soon.

    Buell Man.
  2. I'm off friday and sunday this week but I think I work on the 21st. I'll check my schedule. Holler at me if you want to ride this sunday or friday.

    Busa and ZX rider

  3. Hi Wheelietime. My bike is in the shop. I wont be able to join you this week. Maybe if the parts come in ahead of time. The week after I should be able to go with you. Also in Washington State thread you can post up rides but Im wanting to expand the Lewiston branch. So how ever it works out. Looking forward to some tips. Thanks.

    In High Reguards. Buell Man.
  4. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    There's a group meeting in Pullman Sunday June 12 @ 10 at the Tesoro right across the street from Penguin Plumbing. I'll keep you posted if the time changes. Hope to see you there.
  5. Shwaa. I'll be there in spirit.

    Wheelietime the ride for spiral highway is 21st of June.

    Buell Man.
  6. I know how much it sucks to be waiting for parts. My zx-11 fried the clutch last weekend on a fun breakfast trip to Anatone. I guess I'll just have to ride the wife's Busa till my 140 dollar clutch pack comes in. hehe
  7. Excellent. The advantages of being married. Maybe someday I'll meet my future wife soon. Anyways the parts for my Buell are back ordered until the 15th. I might miss the 21st ride through spiral highway. Also what do think of a possible bike night for Lewis Clark Valley gals and Gents? I know theres alot of people with sport bikes in the valley Ive ridden with a few. But I havnt seen them since school was let out. What about you?

    Buell Man.
  8. I dunno, I pretty much lost touch with everyone since school and work took over my life. I know Chad would definately be up for a ride. He has the red bmw CS at LC. Other than that, I know everyone down at Mac's Cycle and they would be able to get the word out. I'm trying to figure out if I have time to ride much today. I'm building a loft in my shop and have plans to see a movie with my sweetie today at 1:30. I think I'll ride up and meet everyone and maybe ride up to Anatone or somewhere. I'll have to play it by ear and see what plans the wife has. Did you ever find out what locked your bike up? It sounds like there was probably an oiling problem and the gears welded together from lack of cooling. Just a theory anyways. I'm curious.