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New Bike stands

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Buz, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. I'm looking around for new bike stands, anyone with a local recommendatons as i'd like to avoid the S&H charges if i can.
    Will do S&H charges if there is a link to a place with good prices.
    Tend to like the Yamaha ones but the ones i have found are a little pricy.
    Thinking there might be a smarter way.
  2. Just spend the money and buy a pitbull-unfortunately you won't find any deals. But they are a quality product and last forever and if you want to sell them they keep pretty good value and sell easy.

    Unless someone has one sitting around you will probably have to order, usually they are sold out. You can also order direct and the owner is cool will send some stickers and catalog too.

    They are easy to lift your bike up by yourself and solid enough to move your bike around on them. Spend the dough and it will be the last stand you ever buy.

  3. Thanks for the info.

    The pitbull stands are in stock at I-90 motorsport in Issaquah.
    In fact they had several pair last time i was in to purchase oil filters.

    I was thinking of getting the Yamaha stands however they are "order only" and cost more than the pitbulls that look to be more heavy duty.

    Your advice is appreciated.

  4. If you have the skills, the best way and the most economical is just to make them yourselves. Mine are custom made, just welded together 1-inch steel frame. Even threw on shopping cart wheels and they are golden. The only major expense was I invested to have them powder coated but that was really unecessary. Ask LRG, he used them once, and they sit higher than anything Pit Bull or other mfgs make. I prefer the higher the better as it makes it easier when working on your moto.

    But before I had these made, the only thing I was looking at was a Pit Bull. They are top notch, and you can get a set that will work on any bike out there so if your make and model changes down the road, you can hang onto the service stands.

    My custom stands only work for ZX-12R's and nothing else.

    As for the swingarm spools...Pit Bull, dont settle for less.

    And I even picked up a wheel chock and drilled it into the back of my Toyota by Pit's hella cool.

    Maybe I'll take some pics for ya'll to see.
  5. Yea his stands are cool for free-they weigh a ton though. And yes I used the front and my bike was so high off the ground I was amazed.

    Pickup the pitbulls you will be happy-they make two different front stands if I remember-one uses the rear stand with a kit and the other is a front. Go to pitbulls website to check it out and also tell you what pin you need for the front head tube-don't depend on the dealer knowing