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New from New Orleans

Discussion in 'New Users' started by Didley, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Hey, guys. I just recently moved to Seattle for a new job. Coming from New Orleans and am beyond thrilled to finally be out of the South.

    I'll be living near Gig Harbor and plan to take the Southworth Ferry to Fauntleroy to get to my job on Harbor Island. I've heard about the difficulty getting on the ferry on the return trip when you're driving a car, so I think it's time I've started riding again.

    Happy to be here and look forward to meeting some of you in the future!

    ETA: I'll be looking for something like a Victory Hammer or similar in the next month or two. Open to suggestions since I've only ever ridden sport bikes. My previous rides were a 2003 Honda CBR 600RR and a 2007 Hayabusa.
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  2. Bikes on the ferry system are the way to go, on and off first every time.
    Contact the Kitsap Crusers on if you want a community to ride with. Small tight org with great people. let me know if you need a two wheel day.