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New GoPro!

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by CBRSkidrow, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. So, I just picked mine up today. Tore it out of the box and stuck her on the hood of my FJ to see what can happen.

    Any word on wind noise reduction? sensitivity I believe is set at 100% so I imagine obviously that needs to be lowered.

    This thing blows my Contour out of the water!

  2. I still don't get why people say your not allowed to put go pros on helmets.
  3. Who says that?
  4. That is one vague as RCW... even read all three pages and didn't feel any more enlightened.

    I like having my cam on my helmet, but the GoPro is clunky and feels like a brick... guess it goes behind the windscreen. Or on top of muh nog'n because that law is total BS, not sure yet.
  5. The best view is from the helmet anyways, everyone knows that. It might look like a brick but its not like you look at yourself when you ride.
  6. The second back door they sent with it is the Skeleton, the one that is cut out, put that one on. It is for dry days and high speeds ;) Helps a ton for wind noise reduction :mfclap:
  7. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Local Law has taken it upon themselfs to bring it to our attention.
  8. Thankya, will give it a whirl today. Says on the back of the cam and in the booklet the same info. :)

    Doesn't seem to make sense, but hey. I didn't design it so lol.

    Ended up mounting on the nose fairing, right side of the right head-light just infront of the bulbous blinker. Weird, not seeing the bike and watching the video.

    Safety wire FTW!
  9. i use a helmet mount and a bike mount above my head light. and the no cam on the helmet is b.s i wear mine and always will and i dont give a shit. sounds like LEO's are just mad that we can have camera's mounted as well. they can get over it and ill always use mine and call any officer out that tells me other wise. until i see an RCW saying i cant then they can kiss my ass :nana
  10. Agreed, it's very vague. Have fun with the new camera
  11. im going to post in the ask an officer about this subject
  12. here is my HD Hero2 with the chest mount on my Vegas. as far as the regulation, i am under the understanding you cannot have anything protruding from your motorcycle helmet that isnt OEM. it would be classified as a safety hazzard. this is what i have read here where people posted the RCW about it.

    as far as this video goes, i used the chest mount for my cruiser because it has a better view. i have limited space on my tank to mount it. i also have another video on my youtube chan where i had it on the tank and took a back road cruise. sorry if this video is a bit boring. it was just a test ride with it going to hinshaws.

    skidz, the sticky mounts can be a pain unless you have some type of dampening between the mount and the pad. it will click bad. i created some videos on my RC8 before i traded and it clicked and made a lot of noise on the camera. the little white rubber piece doesnt slip between the mount and pad when you use the j-buckle mount. its really annoying. i might have to wedge something between the mount and pad to keep it from making noise. you can hear it a little bit in this video .
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2012
  13. that was actually a really cool video haha
  14. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thats a local video, who wants to own up to it lmao :secret: might have to take a ride with this person some time
  15. that was umm...interesting haha
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