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Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Ken Blanding, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. I'm Ken from Vancouver, I currently ride a Yamaha XT 350. My last bike was a XT 600, and was stolen back in August in Yacolt Wa., so keep your eyes open, it had a red alligator seat, and no side covers. I raced MX back when the Washougal track first opened. Bikes I've owned were;
    1) Honda 50, not the mini, first bike and first basket rebuild.
    2) Yamaha DT 125, a stripped down enduro for MX.
    3) Yamaha RD 350, nuf said?:scared
    4) Honda CX 500 Silverwing, quite the piggy! Found a two into one exhaust and installed a Supertrapp baffle.:roll:
    5) Yamaha XT 600, finally got my thumper, and some-one steals it! Still have many extra parts for the planed motarding. :angry7:
    6) Yamaha XT 350, I hafta keep tellin myself it gets better gas milage!
  2. :thumblef:

  3. Welcome Ken. I think i met you a year or 3 back @ one of the bike nights off 78th street in Hazel Dell. I was riding the white RD400 Daytona Special.

    I'll keep an eye out as I pass through Yacolt occasionally. Might go through that area today for a ride today.
  4. Bummer on your bike. Yacolt is a pretty high risk place, with it being a thriving metropolis and all. Stop on out Tuesday for coffee or on a Saturday for some pizza. There is always good company and a few even show up on bikes.
  5. Welcome from another XT350 owner! Good luck with getting the 600 back.
  6. welcome to the mayhem...

  7. :thumblef: :wave:
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    Welcome Ken!
  9. Welcome Ken from the old guy. crackup:
  10. I remember you and the 400, love those two stroke twins!
  11. Kinda interested in any mods you did for the XT 350? Took out the spark-arrester on my stock pipe.
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    It's about time sasquatch joined up!
  13. You can shim the needle and turn out the idle mixture screw, which you'll have to drill past the plug to get to...That'll probably help a bunch for you, because they're already jetted lean from the factory. I have a DG silencer and mid-pipe, as well as a jet kit, sitting in my garage. I'm trying to hunt down a donor primary/secondary carb set to jet, since it will require doing some drilling out and I'd like to have the ability to go back to stock fairly easily. The DG pipes are reportedly very loud.

    I've got a Clarke 4 gallon tank, which uses the stock petcock. They're readily available online for $200. Brings the range up to around 220 miles. I also upgraded the chain to a 520, as the 350s go through the stock 428s pretty quickly. I left the gearing pretty close to stock, but the closest I could get with the 520 was geared just a tad taller, which I don't mind because it does see slab time. It's still good in the dirt. IIRC, the sprocket combo I'm running is 14/40.

    As you know, the rear suspension leaves a lot to be desired. I'm going to be swapping out the rear spring, not the shock, just the spring, for a Hypercoil spring with a 600# rating. That should help, but we'll have to see. I have the spring just haven't installed yet.

    Front forks, rebuild them using 15 weight fork oil instead of 10, and install 60mm PVC spacers to add preload.

    I've got a rear rack made by Cycleracks, which I really like. Good customer service too, and a lifetime warranty. They also sell pannier mounts, but you'll need to switch out the rear blinkers to something smaller in order to use them. I'm doing that right now. Switching to LED signals (will required an LED purposed flasher) and brake light while I'm at it to hopefully power a 12v accessory. I'll be using ammo cans for saddle bags.

    I've only had the bike since June, but that's what I know on it.

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  14. Twaz thinkin bout the chain/sprocket upgrade, (abit taller also), what brand? I found a set at Sprocket Specialist, (would like steel front-n-back)?
  15. Both sprockets are steel and made by JT Sprockets. The chain is a 110 link Bikemaster. I had to cut several links off. The chain breaker from Harbor Freight worked fine to cut off the stock 428 chain, but you'll need to grind the rivets flush when you cut the links off the 520 before using the HF breaker.