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New Helmet

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by gen2max, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. I've been seriously thinking about getting one of these. I can then get rid of the fugly mirrors on my bike. Does anyone own one? They just got DOT rated.
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  2. Technically you can't get rid of your mirrors because the Tax Agents will get you if you do.

  3. Jett


    Put this technology in a helmet that has already made a name for itself and I would love it but I am pretty skeptical when it comes to new helmet brands. Even a lower end brand would work (hjc, scorpion, etc., etc.)
  4. I think that would bug me....seeing the colors change in my peripheral no matter where I looked.

    It least with mirrors they are far enough from my eyes they arent constantly picking up the moving terrain behind me.

    Just me.

  5. Hmmm... I like the idea.
  6. Cool concept but I think mikefsu is right, no mirrors equals money back to the state.
  7. (1) Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with a mirror mounted on the left side of the vehicle and so located to reflect to the driver a view of the highway for a distance of at least two hundred feet to the rear of such vehicle.

    (2) Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with an additional mirror mounted either inside the vehicle approximately in the center or outside the vehicle on the right side and so located as to reflect to the driver a view of the highway for a distance of at least two hundred feet to the rear of such vehicle.
    RCW 46.37.400

    So technically you could get rid of your right mirror
  8. These helmets have been out for awhile in italy and england i believe, i think its a great idea i def would like to try it out before i bought it though!! Does anyone know how much they cost? i went on the site and it says they were E245 or so, what the heck does the E stand for? can anyone convert that to american money?? lol!!
  9. I assume it Euro's. And according to google, $245 euro is about $335 USD. Sounds on par with what I would expect.
  10. Just curious on the performance of the helmet.Fit, noise etc.
  11. Killer idea - Like the "heads up" displays in some 'Vettes and Caddies I think...
    I would like not having to move my whole head to check the rear as I do now with bar-ends...
    Battery life??
    Performance is the BIG issue though..
  12. Looks like no batteries involved, just looks like a series of reflectors from where you see to the rear of the helmet.... think of it like a fancy milk carton periscope
  13. Think of the all the headlights at night. No thank you.
  14. +1 - give it a try. Seriously. Then let us know how it works in practice after a month.
  15. Be great if you could hold your head still enough to get clear view of what's behind you.
    I think you'd get a good look at the sky if you're riding in a tuck?
    If it had a remote switch on the bar you could use it to check out the chick behind you...oh yea and for cops. Then shut it off so it wouldn't be distracting.
    Guess you could do the same thing with two small cameras hook to what would be your mirrors?
  16. I'm going to order one today. 249 euros is about $340.00. Here's an email I recieved from the manufacturer:

    Here is the long awaited hand crafted RV MSX1, DOT / ECE 22.05. INMETRO accredited graphic helmet visors and accessories.
    I can now at long last point you to the online solution at Your first in the world rear view helmet is on SALE for the introductory price of ONLY £249, we are shipping internationally for ONLY £19.99. Please check your head size from the sizing chart which you will find under (Motorsports) (Sports helmet sizes) for a snug fit.
    The Reevuhelmet has been over engineered and tested to United Nations ECE22.05. USA DOT. South American INMETRO. Only recently passing the Australian NBR74:71 As well as British ACU Gold racing approval. It has fully interchangeable liners and cheek pads, with tinted visors front and rear. The helmet also has the option of two nose guards large and small and is ready to accept blue tooth system.
    Copy and paste links into browser. See the latest product updates and converstaion from users of the latest Reevu invention.!/pages/Reevu/146032595440779
    Best Regards


  17. Crap! Hmmm.... Technically the mirror is mounted to my head and I'm mounted to my bike. I wonder..... On the other hand, I don't need an excuse to be pulled over.
  18. The law just says you need some mirrors on the bike, it doesn't say how large they have to be or whether or not you actually have to USE them.

    Some of the reviews for this helmet say it takes some getting used to but you learn to only pay attention to stuff behind you when you need to. The rest of the time, you don't notice it.

    I would like to give it a try but I would hate to buy a helmet without trying it on.

    If you do order one, please post again to let us know what you think. It sounds like an incredibly cool idea.
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  19. It does look like a cool helmet, and I agree it would be awesome to hear form someone who has tried it.
  20. I'll post my findings.
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