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New Member Making his Hello's

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by spok, May 22, 2005.

  1. Welcome Spok. Spock was my nickname in HS, BTW.

    I ride a Yamaha V Max and maybe we can get together for as ride this summer.

  2. Welcome to the board, glad to have ya!

  3. Good to have ya...

    Hah, Bert (another member) is from Burlington!

  4. spolic

    spolic Ducati Pilot


    Ride long and prosper.
  5. Welcome Spok!

    I, too, am new to the board. I'm 34, female, and ride, well, you can read it under my name. :thumbup: So far, I am still a new rider. Took the MSF BRC in May of last year just before the World Superbike in CA. The plan was to ride down there, 2up, with my dad and back on my own. Good plan, but I wasn't ready for such an extended ride so quickly. Had to lower my bike so I could touch and just recently at that, so I have only been riding a few weeks at best. *sigh* Stickin' to the back roads behind Cheney & Spangle. So if you see me (Bright, neon green bike) honk or wave. I was brought up right, so as long as I'm not going around a corner I'll wave back!
  6. The Cheney-Spangle and Cheney-Plaza are both very good roads to ride on. They can take you to quite a few backroads as well.
  7. welcome:
    Gald to see to both of you!
  8. Very nice picture. Welcome to the growing list of members.