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New member..Vancouver, Wa Area..

Discussion in 'Westside' started by IrishBandit, May 3, 2005.

  1. 27yrs old, sell Industrial Chemicals / Haz & Non Haz Waste removal services.

    Lived here in Vancouver for a couple of years. We are in the Kent area 2x per month visiting my family. I lived in that area for 8 years so I am very familliar with the entire south to north seattle area. My wife doesn't ride but enjoys riding couples that want to put together a "2-up Ride" let us know!

    I ride a 2000 Suzuki Bandit "Streetfighter" that I just completed.

    I have been riding for 9 years, nervous when riding with people I don't know. I do squid manuvers when out of up in St. Helens but never in city limits. I ride St. Helens (mecca) 2x per month usually..I do lots of riding! I average 14,000 miles per year on my ride.

    I am known on the other boards with the same handle name..if some of you are curious..(I reconize some names here) and maximum-suzuki (old gsxr,bandit, katana board)

    If you pull 100mph wheelies down a busy city street, or a stoppie in front of an elementary school to impress 7yr olds..please don't PM me to ride with you.

    Otherwise..I am a laidback Irish / Scot that likes everyone and hates no one. (except irresponsible squids)

    Who all lives in Vancouver here?
    I work in W.Portland (off Yeon, aka hwy 30) and commute on my bike..
  2. Hey! Welcome to the board IrishBandit, glad to have with us. You gotta get some more of those riders out in the Vancouver, WA area on here.

  3. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    cool. how's the 'couv growing?... i grew up there.
  4. you did??
  5. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    city i stayed in the longest. all through middle school and high school.
  6. Howdy Irish.. you're just what we need here.. a toxic biker! :lol:

    My gal and I are in the Olympia area and Blondie rides only on the back of my bike on the street.. she does have an enduro, however. Drop me a line if you're anywhere in the area or if you want to meet somewhere for a ride.. we're not into more than about 4 or 5 total hours on my "naked" Max.. and I only ride when it's dry.

    I'm Norman and Dal Riata Irish Scot BTW, and I'm into medieval re-enactment and the martial arts and a lot more..
  7. haha...I enjoy long walks on the beach... :toothy2:

    Would love to see what youve done with el bandito, those things are perfect fighters....

    Im from salem, miss that rainy ass westside.

    Come out to spokane, lets ride!

  9. No worries..I will post pics up just as soon as I get her out of the shop..which should be in a couple of days...
  10. Yay more Vancouverites! I sometimes feel lost in a sea of northern washington riders.
  11. Top 'o the mornin' to ya!

    Alright it's the evening, but it seemed appropriate :tard:
  12. welcome! show us some pics of your streetfighter!
  13. Hey I'm Irish too. Okay, not really - I just drink a lot of Guinness and Jameson. Anyway from one newb to another: welcome!

    edit: Durr... I change my welcome to yard sale VVVV
  14. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    hi! did any of u guys check the original post date on this thread?? :prcfishslap:

    btw - hi im new jumpjump:
  15. haha! i just noticed the date. well, then welcome yard sale!
  16. Hey Mr Bandit, I'm 25 min south of you in Wilsonville if you're lookin to go on a few rides, eh.

    Welcome to the boards!
  17. :thefinge: Wecome Now I Have The Answer To "what Does A Scot Ride Under His Kilt"
  18. eric

    eric Slow Eric

    hi yardsale.