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New motorcycle cops in new places!

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by beansbaxter, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. Was talking to a buddy of mine, he was telling me the officers of the law in this area over the winter purchased 10+ new motorcycles. He said they are specifically going to roads and routes and hiding in places that there normally isnt a cop and they are after motorcycles in general more than regular traffic.

    He said all the high speed motorcycle traffic on the backroads has resulted in uneccessary wrecks and they are trying to curb that.

    I dont know if that is true, but I have been hearing from friends who are getting popped by the police on stretches of road that you usually NEVER se a cop on.
  2. snake

    snake Paralized with excitement

    Do you know of many sportbikers having unneccessary wrecks?

  3. SPD? SCSO? What agency and I can get more info for you. Also keep in mind that if you are cited for a speed with which you are going the same rate as a car, there is a discrimination issue as they are not citing based on the law, but also as to what you are driving. Just a simple heads up. Lemme know about who you heard tho...

  4. I have noticed alot of bike cops out lately. The only ones I have seen an increase in is the SPD which means they would only be within city limits.

    On a side note. I do know that they are patrolling the Ford/Wilpenant(SP?) area by air. Some locals got tagged out there so watch out for planes.
  5. God, I hope they pull fuckstick cagers over when they get cut off.
  6. Lucky

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  7. Will have to learn more about the aerial Wellpinit patrols. As I understand it, they have to have you on a straight stretch in the air to clock you, so be forewarned about jammin in the straights.

  8. I heard someone died out there on that Wellpinit run on a this true?
  9. yes it is i think fighterama posted it
  10. They just time you and average your speed from point A to point B. And originally, they used those big white "V" and "/" marks on the shoulder, but people started cathing on and more recently they have been just picking other visual points and timing between those.