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New Racer Workshop - 13 December

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by patrino, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. We'll be hosting a second New Racer Workshop the evening of Thursday, 13 December.

    If you missed the November workshop, we'll be covering the same topics. If you attended the November workshop, we'll also be focusing on racing financials: contingency $, sponsorship, and ways to make racing less expensive.

    We've also locked in the calendar for the next few months, so if you're interested, please get the dates up on your calendar! Here are the details:

    Thursday, 13 December - VICIOUS CYCLE, 4711 North Interstate Avenue Portland, OR 97217
    - 6:45 p.m. to 8 p.m. :: Racing Overview (same material as the November workshop)
    - 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. :: Racing Financials

    Tuesday, 15 January
    - 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. :: Safety Wiring and Bike Prep

    Thursday, 7 February
    - 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. :: Race Day Walkthrough

    I'll get additional location details up as we nail them down. And just a reminder of what this workshop is: it's FREE and simple: Ice-cold refreshments and hot coffee, a handful of friendly, experienced racers to answer your questions, and resources that’ll help you get from the street, onto the track (and the podium). We race (and have won championships) in multiple classes from vintage to lightweight to modern superbikes - no matter what you are interested in there will be someone to talk to.

    We'll have answers to your questions:

    How much does it cost to race? What kind of bike can I race?
    Can I race my streetbike?
    What kind of preparation is required for my bike?
    How can I make racing cheaper?
    Why should I race instead of doing track days?
    Can I race with the riding gear I have?
    Where can I learn more?
    What shops support racers?
    Can I make money racing?

    Thanks, Patrick
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  2. Damn! I'll be in Hawaii for the December one. January it is! See you then :)

  3. I can get behind that. Thanks for doing this, man!
  4. Does anyone know if something like this happens near Seattle? I would really like to get this kind of orientation.
  5. Awesome! I'm in.
  6. Any chance the novice rep will be present as well to talk about NRS?
  7. Pretty cool you are doing this....:mfclap:

  8. We're inviting Don (who manages OMRRA's novice program) to attend, and hopefully he can make it.

    We won't be focusing on OMRRA's novice program on the 13th, but redoing the "intro" workshop (from 6:45 to 7:45 or so, in case folks missed November's workshop), then focusing on the financials of racing (from 8 to 9 or so).

    That said, we try to keep the "formal" part of the workshop short and sweet; folks are encouraged to hang out after, ask questions, talk to folks who are racing already, etc. There will be a good mix of old racers and just-graduated novices, and folks who race lots of different bikes.

    Again, glad folks are interested. Any other questions, please ask.

    Thanks, Patrick
  9. I should add - Joe P. at Vicious Cycle will be hosting the December workshop.

    His shop's at: 4711 North Interstate Avenue Portland, OR 97217

    Thanks Joe!
  10. Just a reminder for tomorrow, hope to see folks up there!

  11. the last one was very informative. thank you for putting these together!
  12. Patrick, thanks again to you and everyone one else who contributed, including Vicious Cycle. What an informative event! While I don't plan on racing this coming season, perhaps the following one... Regardless, I plan on coming to these workshops and getting some knowledge.

    Oh, does anyone know what that sparkly green Honda near the door was??? Beautiful bike, even if it was sparkly lime green. ;)
  13. Last night was great. Very informative and I'm glad I went. I'm looking forward to next months.

    Only input I have is the racing financials portion didn't mention having a maintenance budget included in the budget (oil, filters, etc)

    Just a thought for those that were there last night. You will want to change your oil more frequently than you do riding on the street.

    Thanks for putthing this together. Was awesome to see how many people showed up.
  14. That's really awesome that you put these on. I wish we had one local to the Seattle area... a lot of unknowns out there for me as I mentally prepare to start racing in the next season or two.
  15. Thanks to everyone who attended!

    Melbs5150, great suggestion about maintenance expenses, I will fold those in to the sample budget we've been using - thanks for contributing.

    The next workshop will be on TUESDAY, 15 January. We'll be focusing on bike preparation and (especially) safety wiring. As usual, we'll be doing the "intro" workshop the hour before, in case you weren't able to make earlier ones.

    I'll get more details up on location once we've locked them in.
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