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New Rider Ride Sunday 8/19

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Stringcheese, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. I have a co-worker who has been riding for awhile, but just around town, not going out to the twisty's. I was talking to her the other day and invited her on one of our group rides, but she didn't want to slow me down, so I offered to do a new riders ride where we'll do a slow pace and take it easy. Not sure if anyone else is interested in doing a ride like this...this isn't a coaching ride or anything. If you have questions I'll do my best to answer them, but I'm not an authority on everything motorcycle. So:

    Pine Creek ranger station is the destination, perhaps up to McClellan and over OMP to Paradise camp ground if people want to go that far.

    Meet time is 10am at Krispy Kreme Padden and Andresen. 8517 Northeast Andresen Road
    Vancouver, WA 98665
    KSU 10:30.

    Pace is slow to moderate. If you want to fly this is not the ride for you. I'd like to introduce some newer riders to some local roads without any pressure to keep up at all.

  2. Is this not your normal pace? Nothing but strict adherance to all rules of the road.
  3. crackup: :mfclap: :nana
  4. Now Matt, you better stop this vicious trolling. This isn't the Open forum or hot topics ya know. Everyone knows that all PNW Riders are bastions of upstanding moral fiber and shining examples of law abiding citizenry. :mrgreen:
  5. :popcorn::popcorn: Maybe in ~ PM sent:popcorn::ninja:
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  6. crackup:

    Will follow "most" of the rules of the road. New riders are still riders :mrgreen:
  7. Hey Jeff,
    I had mentioned in the Maintenance Day thread about going to Windy Ridge on Sunday. Would you want to do that? There could be a fast group and new rider group? Just a thought.
  8. I concur katatonic.
    We could all still have fun.
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  9. Windy ridge sounds like a plan.

    Any newer riders interested in going? Post up!
  10. If we are just going to be cruising I may come 2 up. :scared
  11. Of all the days in the year, my anniversey with my woman is this day. Siiigh. I needa get my chick a bike.
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  12. Or put her on the back and ride up then when were up there sneak off.:mfclap:
  13. Send her flowers at every time. Trust me..I know these things :mfclap:
  14. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Hey Jeff, where would you want to meet us Up North folks? Really don't want to go down south only to come up north again. Nick's in Amboy? Fargher Lake Store? You name it, we'll be there.
  15. I thought Jen didn't let you ride on the back of her bike any more? :scratchea Or, dare I ask, is it that she now needs someone to hold her ice cream cone when she rides. :stir:
  16. I'm in, just let me know where we're meeting up North :mrgreen:
  17. Jeff I just want to state for the record that if I run into your group Sunday I am NOT stalking you. :nana

    Since nobody asked I would suggest the northerners' meet spot be at the Cougar gas station since everyone has to stop there anyway for gas.
  18. Cougar store would be perfect so everyone can get topped off before we head up the mountain. Say 45 minutes from KK so 11:15 maybe 11:30. See you northern folks there.

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