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New rider what kinda bike?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Beerbohm, May 14, 2005.

  1. My g-friend is thinking about getting into riding. She is taking the course with westside in august. She has never ridden any kind of motorcycle ever. Any one have recomendations on what would be a good starter bike. I have a feeling that she will pick it up pretty quick (after a few drops). 250, 500 or should we just put her straight into a busa.
  2. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    i started on the rr with no experience. i'm still good and alive (bad idea, though)...

    i'd say get that 500 ninja. everyone's always said to start on those...

  3. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    Bah, get the BUSA! Or even better: steal a Tomahawk!!!

    Yeah, the 500 sounds great. 250s are good too. You should ask Lia and Trixie how they like their 250 and 600!

    Make sure she sits on it and can touch her feet on the ground first. I knew a girl in my hometown that preordered an R6, and then found out she was on her tip-toes when she had her feet on the ground (even after lowering the height)! She also hadn't developed her thigh muscles as well to hold the bike up (here come the jokes)...She dropped it in the first month.

    It may sound weird, but I don't think the size of engine matters for new riders, as much as the height and weight of the bike. The people who "can't handle big bikes" seem to be us guys who are just dumb when we get on a beast and peg it without knowing the limits. Women are smarter than that. But hey go figure, the bigger the bike, the heavier it is, so it's full circle back to the 250/500/600.

    If she got one, would she be taking the driving test on this bike?
  4. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    As for me, I started on one of these....

  5. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    I started on the F4i and for my lack of skill level honestly should have started on something smaller. For someone who has never ridden a bike by themselves, a 600 does have an intimidating power to it. I would certainly start with a USED 250 or 500, because you can always sell it next year and get something a bit bigger....but that is just a female's opinon and experience.
  6. My recommendation would be to get her a small dirtbike and give her a few years on that first, to see if she has the aptitude. I've seen a disproportionate number of female street riders hurt and killed and it's because they lacked the "killer instinct" and the necessary cool to survive. Basically a gal who can finish the higher levels of a video game like Tie Fighter 95 on the "hard" setting, and has the physical skills, maybe can ride street.. my blondie is smart enough to stick to the dirt, after hearing all my street stories.
  7. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    yeah, i started on a dual sport enduro 175 and learned a LOT from that bike. I know people that start on 600's and whatnot, but I wouldn't say it's the smartest thing as one mistake can cost you big time. Throttle are twitchy and you can jump 4000 RPM's before you know it.
  8. In my opinion, I would make sure you get her a bike that the front wheel wont come up too easily!! A Ninja 250 is a GREAT learner bike, but she will probably grow out of that one pretty fast. I started on a Ninja 500 (also a great bike), but yeah, height and weight of the bike should very well be considered.
  9. I may be biased but I would say that a 250 is perfectly fine to start on. It goes the speed limit, it can be picked up if you are alone when you drop it(yeah, personal experience), it does handle great in the rain (more p.e.). What about that '04 Ninja 250 that is being sold on the site here. Yeah we might out grow out bikes but we will have some good training time on our small bikes. If a big bike does something unexpected when we make a small mistake it is going to be a lot more unforgiving than a 250.
    Kal-El has a big bike and we can ride just fine together, he lets me lead and I never get left behind. He gets bored and passes me but then slows down and I catch up (eventually).

    You know your GF better than the rest of us so you can judge her confidence, don't get her something that has a lot of history that will intimidate her. If she is scared to ride it she will either drop it or not ride it at all and you just wasted a lot of $. I love my 250, when I get done practicing on it then I will get the bike that I will keep for a long time.

    Good luck,
  10. I say go with the Busa. That's what I wanted, but I can't even fathem the idea of dropping one of those on myself.

    I did buy a 600 for my first bike, and being a girl - I can get more snug into the tank, and touch flat footed just fine, without any lowering, and I'm only 5'4"... but I have unusually long legs.

    But..... truth be told - the only reason I'm really happy with it, is because I've had it two weeks, and am already trying to learn tricks on it, and almost screwed myself by riding on my hands and knees from the dam yesterday, when a cop came around the corner :)

    600 is a lot of power though, especiallythe R6 with 120 horsepower at 380 pounds.... that's quite a bit for a first bike, and I wouldn't reccommend it. I will never use all of that power, and would hate riding something smaller, only because I wanted an R1 or Busa, but I would learn and actually get good at it, and mess around on it, and then move up to a 600 and be perfectly happy - until they make a 1200cc that I could handle. I've caught myself pulling little spiffs of picking up the front tire accidentally a few times.

    But honestly, it matters how she's going to ride as well. If shes going to ride like I do - OMG - never let her on a 600 if you love her! Make sure she stays on a 250..... but I've heard good things about learning on duals, and I did my motorcycle safety class on a Yam XT. It was great. Try that out.

  11. Dam now I just made a mess:la:

    Thanks for all the advice will prob go with a 500. We wont get it till nect year cause of money and such.
  12. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    I have a '90 VTR 250, Honda's version of a Ninja 250, that has been awesome for my girlfriend to learn on. She's 5'2", so finding bikes that are an option for her is difficult. She did tip it over once or twice, but at about 330lbs it's not a big chore to get it up off the pavement. She's ridden it for two summers and will probably be stepping up to something with a little more power soon, but the VTR is actually surprisingly powerful for how small the engine is. I weigh about 250lbs, and I commute on it regularly. Not only does it get about 65 mpg, but it'll pull me up over 90mph if I crack it WFO! They only made them from '88-'90, but if you happen to run across one, I recommend it highly.
  13. If she really wants to ride, have her sit on several bikes to decide which she likes. I know this is a sportbike forum, but really...If she doesn't like the looks of the bike and can't flat foot it, she won't ride it no matter what it is. Start out with a 250 or under 500 for a sportbike, around a 750 for a cruiser. Have her visit and tell them Fiacha sent her. Heck getting a used 250 of any type would be a wonderful gift! Also, have her practice in a parking lot both before (if possible) and after the MSF class. It truely helps...especially with that d**m box! =)
    Then, when she has something to ride, have her PM me. I'd love to ride with another female! =) Being a beginner myself (under 1000 miles) I know just what she's gonna go through (or at least can relate!)
    Not to discourage anyone from posting here, but that website previously mentioned really is a good one for anyone with under 10k miles to at least lurk on. :)
    As for used bikes, look on ebaymotors. That's where I found mine, and bought it for $600, in near perfect shape. Good luck to you both!