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New Rider's Ride 7/11

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Clay G, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. West Side Wednesday Ride this week, July 11 - meeting point is Sylvan Chevron / Starbucks: HERE

    5:30: Discussion for new riders (probably inside the AC of Starbucks)

    6:15: Normal WSWR ride will depart

    6:30: New rider's ride will depart

    Probably end up back there, or maybe stop at skyline burger joint...

    topics: Survival Reactions and how to AVOID them; Throttle Rule #1; body and bike dynamics and physics for a newer rider... plus topics YOU wanna chat about

    come on out and let's enjoy the summer! :mrgreen:
  2. Just got an A* suit i want to try out this wendsday. A little baggy in the ass and knees but it works, just need some back armor.

  3. What are you gonna be ridin'?
  4. I think I saw your bike at edr?
  5. gix is at edr right now - hit a deer Brian.

    will be riding Tara's ninja 500... it's ok - it's fun!
  6. bump -

    any new riders planning on attending? If yes, please post up... (If no new riders, I want to take advantage of another opportunity)

  7. I spread the word, there will be new riders. You know im willing to run sweep.
  8. Ill be showing up as well, good excuse to scoot around a little bit tonight at a relaxed pace. Still a bit sore from yesterdays ride, lol. Plus, the few things i learned last week helped a ton, so if i get some more cool advice like that, I'm always down! :D But Clay, if you want to go on another ride its no worries, ill still show up at sylvan around that time and go on a ride with whoever shows up!
  9. Assuming there aren't any problems getting my new tires put on, I should be there. Wheels are sitting at the shop right now, they told me they should be ready around 4-5pm, so that hopefully gives me enough time to pick them up, put them on the bike, and head over.
  10. shoot maybe not gonna make it, just got called into work, hopefully will just be for a little bit.
  11. just got some new choppers going to be 5 mins late.
  12. stuck at work...


    be safe
  13. Bah, just finished getting the new wheels on...

    I should have known that the tire estimate for between 4 and 5 was going to wind up being 5 exactly. And with it being the first time I've taken the wheels off and put them back on, I didn't want to rush it and miss something important...

    Some other time I guess.
  14. Thanks Clay and Matt & Sara, had a blast, learned a bunch and met some cool people.

    Plan on being there for all the future rides too.
  15. yup it was the heat stroke coming back that threw me out of the game :( It took me a while to realize that the knot in my guts and the shaking wasnt from the dipping peg scraper i got into. Glad i got off the road when i did, by the time i got home i felt so shitty that i know my day would have ended badly.

    Now i need to try to get used to the new feeling of the forks or get them adjusted, as i never want to grind pegs so hard on a turn like that again.

  16. No not your bike
  17. Mine?

    Yeah, it was there.....hit some gravel...on one of Clay's newbie rides :mfclap:
  18. Spread the word man - what put you down? so many folks riding with those visors yesterday!! :shock:

  19. AWESOME ride yesterday! I want to thank all you guys that helped and contributed!! The New Rider Ride went smooth and well with only ONE person scratching anything! (simple dropped bike at a stop - VERY SAD thing!)

    Glad Distraction got home!!! SOOO many things to discuss about your situation!
    1. heat stroke - then ride? seriously?
    2. limits - when you aren't 'well', your survival reaction threshold will be a LOT lower, huh?
    3. shocks, etc - you are getting confident, learning and LEANING... time to start movin' your body around and working on minimizing lean angle. (no need to stick a knee out on the street!)

    pegs - those pegs have hinges and springs and lift up for a reason. those things sticking out the bottom are called feelers for a reason... :) It's to give you an indication of how far leaned over the bike is...

    so - at this point, you thinking about your tire pressures daily? how many miles on that set?

    EVERYTHING you do is all about TRACTION!!!


    As far as ride protocol...

    On each ride you attend there is a 'flavor'. The flavor of the new rider rides I host is to be focused on the new riders. If you haven't read it, google it - it's also here on PNWR somewhere: "The Pace".

    When riding on these rides (the new rider rides) I host, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - EVERYONE, please: Keep the rider behind you in your mind!

    1. in the twisties: after a turn or two, make sure that new, slower guy is still there. (there will be PLENTY of time to 'go fast' and plenty of other rides you can go on if you 'need' to do that)

    2. at turns (like turn - not curve): YOU must make sure the guy behind you sees you turn - sees the turn and you making it in time to slow down and safely make that turn.

    If you are riding and forget those two simple things, that is a GREAT indication that you are riding over your head...

    Please have fun and be safe everyone!! I hope to do this again next week. :)
  20. I was in seattle; but would have loved to have attended. I'll keep my eyes peeled for more newbie rides. Thanks Clay for setting this up.
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