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New Rider's Ride Aug 21 (Tuesday) 5:30

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Clay G, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. New Rider's Ride!!! Tuesday August 21, 5:30 discussion starts, 6:30 KSU

    There will be about an hour of pre-ride discussion covering: Survival Reactions and how to avoid them; Throttle rule #1 and how it applies to safe riding on the streets; and other interesting and relevant topics (depending on time available)

    This is designed to get folks thinking about the most common thing that puts riders on the ground and how to prevent it from happening to you (Rider induced crashes).

    Meet up at 5:30 HERE - Threat Dynamics in Tualatin with plans to try to roll out by 6:30 (KSU).

    Someone suggested a pre-ride dinner. One spot I've eaten near there is Babuza. I recommend the Saigon Combo!! :mrgreen:

    This is the route that I plan to take...
  2. work...

    maybe next week.

  3. rumor has it 'Clay is charging' for his newbie rides...

    not true.


    The roads are free - and I haven't kicked anyone off a ride this season... not that I recall anyway.

    So - if you wanna ride, ride.

    If you wanna try and get a few tidbits that just may keep you outta that ditch - come hang!

    See ya' Tuesday! (The 28th I probably won't be holding a ride on this side of town. Will be doing one for Vancouver probably)

    Stay safe ya'll!!!!
  4. is the ride still going down tomorrow at threat dynamic? if so i will attend and it will be my first PNW ride =)
  5. I'll most likely show up for this thang.
  6. Ride is on!

    Ryan at Threat Dynamics is a great shooting coach, instructor, etc... and that place is awesome! I'm thinking of asking if we can use his lot for some parking lot practice maybe... send a pm, or reply here if there is any interest in maybe a saturday ride that would include some lot work prior to the ride??

    Tomorrow, I'm going to start with the 'intermediate' topics, then 'end' the discussion with the 'first time to this ride' talk. I understand many work until 5, add traffic, etc... (and I don't have ANY problem with anyone arriving when they can). But - I want to make sure that those that have come to a couple of these get something new and interesting hopefully - and the key: **I want to make sure that those that haven't heard the 'suicide reaction' chat hear it** since that is the most important lesson I think you will ever learn on a bike.

    Can't wait!

    Also - going to post up soon a 'Vancouver' ride for the 28th! I'm going to also post up a note about it in this section, but the meet spot is going to be in a different place.

    See you all soon! BE SAFE! :mrgreen:
  7. Gonna miss this one, going to go look at a new (to me) bike.
  8. I'll Be there, It's like 1/2 mile from my launch pad
  9. I'll be there for the discussion and maybe some of the ride. I've got a commitment at Club Sport at 7pm so I'll probably end up bailing early, but figured it'd be great to meet some faces from the area. Looking forward to it.
  10. I'm in, but I probably won't be back to that side of town until 6-6:15, but I'll hurry my butt up.
  11. I plan on being there, can always learn more!
  12. GREAT ride tonight everyone!!!

    thanks for all the level and cool heads - especially those that took that one wrong turn and still rolled in with us to Ava's!!!

    As usual: Thank you:

    BRADY! you da' man! TNC has been and continues to be such an awesome gathering to support all things bike!!

    Threat Dynamics! Ryan - thank you for the use of the space!!!!

    riders - you guys rock! thanks to the 'experienced' guys for giving their patience and wisdom! Thanks to the new riders for being so open and relaxed and really 'getting' it! (enjoying the ride, not trying to break a land speed record or anything!

    awesome meeting everyone I met for the first time, and I'm sorry I didn't get much of a chance to hang out after due to commitments.

    Wednesday - i will be at sylvan chevron offering up words and if interested, I can lead up and down some cool roads (actually - those are the roads 'made' for practicing!)

    Hope ot see you all on the road!


    Colt, Russell - AWESOME leathers!! :)
  13. Phil here,

    Thanks for the awesome ride! The main reason I showed up tonight was to absorb some more wisdom, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. It was a hoot tossing around my enormous and bouncy Triumph in those bends with a bunch of sportbikes.

    Also, Clay was very helpful with escorting me back to Interstate 84. I usually avoid cities like the plague; I was really out of my element with all of those stoplights and traffic circles and four lane roads and such. Thanks man!
  14. Just wanted give a big thanks to Clay for getting this ride together and managing everything. Also the subject matter discussion beforehand was spot on. It's not a simple task corralling 15 riders of varying skill level and machine. I know I personally gained in my own ability just by watching Clay ride. Looking forward to the next one!

  15. Wish I could have stuck around for more of the riding, but there's always next time. Great tips and information Clay. Look forward to riding with you sometime in the future.
  16. Fun evening and nice to meet you all! Good to see you Clay 8)
  17. It's Cort, not Colt, but I'll answer to anything close! :tard: Thanks for the great ride as ususal Clay. It was great chatting it up with a few of you at coffee. See you next week.
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