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New Rider's Ride, Aug 8, Sylvan Chevron 5:30

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Clay G, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. To clarify: This ride (the New Rider's Ride) is directly for newer riders. Please send those new riders you see filling up and riding all sketchy toward this ride. Having said that - Those of you that are in your first couple years of riding, you may just need a few minutes of this discussion as well. 1. Do you understand what Survival Reactions are and how to avoid them - completely? 2. Are you completely and totally relaxed and comfortable when riding? (sore arms, wrists, shoulders?) 3. Do you understand why some folks can zip around some corners where you still feel 'lost' in them? 4. do you completely understand how and why 'light on the bars' is 'the way'? 5. Do you find yourself doing 'throttle checks' in the middle of a turn? or puckering your butt too much during a ride? (btw - ONE TIME is too much!) come out, talk about it, check your ego at the door! We ALL have a ton to learn, don't be afraid of admitting it! :mrgreen:

    West Side Wednesday Ride this week, Aug 8 - meeting point is Sylvan Chevron / Starbucks: HERE

    5:30: Discussion for new riders

    6 - 6:15: Normal WSWR ride will depart

    6:30: New rider's ride will depart

    topics: Survival Reactions and how to AVOID them; Throttle Rule #1; and how about line choices and discussion surrounding line choices on the streets.

    come on out and let's enjoy the summer! :mrgreen:
  2. How long does this ride usually last?

  3. Well that was fun, Met Clay, Lee, and about 7 others I don't remember names.

    Put 103 miles on the bike, so it was about an 80 mile ride once we all hooked up.

    After meeting a few of the guys and thinking to myself "do the old duffs know how to ride?" Boy was I in for a shock at the pace they set. It was quite a blast.

    The old FVR is heavy and mostly a low end power engine, Gonna have to add a CBR1000RR or an F1 to the stable if I wanna play like this very often :)

    Oh and I was the only new guy to show up.
  4. crackup:

    And I think you were the only guy I didn't introduce myself to. And then I split early. How rude ...
  5. Thanks Clay for all the great tips and help on the New Rider Ride.:mrgreen: You were rockin that 500. :mfclap::mfclap:

    Great meeting you tonight, it was a fun ride.

    Lena we will have to start calling you "Half Ride" from now on. :mfclap::mfclap:
  6. Lee - you're killin' me! now - all I'm doin' is trying to think up a funny new nick name for Lena! :):)

    John - that was NOT a 'new rider ride' at all!:) It was good riding with you guys!!!! Thanks Lee for setting that PERFECT pace! :)
  7. Hopefully you'll have more this season as my Son just got his endorsement. Now we need to finish the work on the bike he'll ride. I can see both of us making one or more of theses rides as I am just his father so what do I know. I know I can always learn something.
  8. Yeh, I figured it wasn't a new rider ride, And the perfect pace?

    I've never pushed this bike that hard, and today my thighs of all things are sore, of course so are my forearms wrists hands, I'm outta shape for that kind of riding, I could keep up for a while but fatigue and awareness of that slowed me down to a smart pace

    And hats off to who ever was 2 up on my tail, brave son you got there.

    Nice to meet you all, see you tuesday at the coffee thingy

  9. Very Smart move. :mfclap::mfclap:
  10. I will take it as a challenge. :mrgreen:
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