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NEW RIDER'S RIDE, August 28, 5:30, St. Johns

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Clay G, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. HEY!

    Going to host a new rider's FOCUSED ride to hopefully allow more Vancouver family access! (There has been a lot of discussion and contemplation surrounding day, time, location--- sorry! Not everyone and everything can be accomodated, for that I am sorry - it would be awesome if that were possible! :mrgreen: )


    Meet up location: Here - Safeway for drinks (starbucks inside); room for bikes and discussion; access to Vancouver and route were prime concerns PLEASE come with enough fuel for another 50 miles (probably only 35-40, but be safe!) Those coming from 'couve, there are stations as you come off the freeway, and those will allow you plenty of room for the ride.

    When: 5:30 pm with KSU around 6:30

    Route: Across St John's bridge, up toward skyline and a couple of roads that I know well and use specifically for helping newer (and experienced) riders figure a couple things out. The plan is to end the ride and allow folks to either go north to Vancouver's coffee meet up (but I hear that ends early) or allow folks to head toward the west side's coffee meet up at Ava's (24 hour shop - been known to go to the wee hours of the morning!)

    Why? Folks have told me that there are a few things that I say that not a lot of other people say similarly. My focus is PRIMARILY on helping new riders realize what is meant by "Ride your own ride." or "Ride within your limits." (yes experienced riders - these are OFTEN misunderstood, even by riders with years of experience! :shock: ) - This discussion is very organic, and can, and often does, lead into discussions surrounding anything from which book to read first (Twist of the Wrist, Total Control, Profficient Motorcycling, Smooth Riding, etc...) to exactely where to put your pinky toe for maximum leverage when weighting either the inside or outside peg... and of course, why you would weight either more than the other and when... and how... ok - I think you can all see I can ramble! (now - hopefully YOU will come out and make sure my rambling stays focused!!!) :mrgreen:

    How: discussion, examples using a bike and your body, slow methodical controlled riding in as 'controlled' of an environment as we can hope for on public roads...


    So -- see ya' August 28!!

    I am only able to come online every couple days or so, -so allow some patience if you have questions please.

    Look forward to seeing you all - meanwhile: Stay SAFE! :mrgreen:
  2. There is also one this week starting in Tigard Or if you are interested. See Portland section for details.

    another on Wednseday at sylvan chevron (5:30; sylvan and 26 - top of the hill on 26 west of tunnel)

  3. with 112 views and no replies... is this a desired ride?

    If you are interested in attending - post up or please send a PM? I know it is a week away, but wanted to give a heads up so that there is enough time to plan.

    If folks aren't interested or able to make this ride, please let me know? a Private message will stay private if you send it that way. If a PM is used to signify you will be there, I will simply update that this ride will be happening with approximate attendance.

    I'm interested in meeting more and more riders - hearing more and more feedback and learning all the time as well. Looking forward to it!
  4. I am up for the ride... I dont know if I will be able to get there on time but I hsould be there by 6ish if all goes well.
  5. I don't know if you guys know the 'story' or not...

    Long story short - I am motivated by the senseless death and injuries I have witnessed over the years...

    We lost a great man and a great rider today (speedgeek). Suffice it to say, Tuesday may just be one of the best, and worst, new rider rides of the season! (meaning I'm gonna have a wee bit of passion in me) :mrgreen:

    PLEASE just ride slower than you normally would in EVERY situation...
  6. doin' a little bump for safety's sake.

    If you are still in a place where you find yourself 'uncomfortable' in some turns - come out, I'll tell you the secret!! (shhhh!)
  7. Looks like my plans are having to be changed, I won't be able to show up for the ride I don't think as I will be out in Stevenson until about 6 or 6:30.
  8. Sorry I haven't responded at all. I'm supper excited to do this but my work plans have changed so I won't be able to attend. Hopefully next time.
  9. Great ride Clay. You don't have to go fast to have fun or learn something. I can learn much better at much slower speeds. Oregon roads, you don't want to mess around on!!...pretty hairball compared to my nice and easy 503/504 rides. Really enjoyed the ride and nobody crashed. Zero.

    Look forward to doing this again. lots to learn.
  10. Thank you Clay for your time and patience with us. Really sorry for my hiccup. I now know I my low fuel light doesn't work. It's a pile, but it gets me down the road. ....when I put gas in it. Really big THANKS to Cort(?) I think it was. Red VFR, hung with me and saved me bigtime! I owe you bigitime!!
  11. Thank you everyone for making this a safe and enjoyable ride! Glad everyone that wanted too, made it to Ava's - wish we could've gotten there a bit earlier so I could have hung for a few minutes...

    One thing stands out - a few folks said that they DID have 'oh shit' moments.


    1 oh shit could equal death.

    This is not a theory, this is not a debate, this is not something anyone can argue. One moment of 'reaction' COULD kill you (or someone else).

    It's really really simple guys (and ladies): IF you are experiencing ANY reactions, SLOW THE F*#& DOWN.

    Some mentioned 'you can have fun without going fast'... YEP!!! Matter of fact - in case you missed it, THAT is the secret to ENJOYING the turns!!! SLOW DOWN. If you are 'on the edge', you AINT gonna enjoy much! Slow down, RELAX, position the body, roll on the throttle and FEEL that tire bite, feel the forces pushing you back as the bike leans in and rolls through the turn...

    instead of: "Oh shit! GOTTA BRAKE!!! TOO FAASSSTT!~~~ NOT the yellow!!!!!! Hold it... hold it... IT can do it!!!! Squeeeeeeze the grips, TIGHTEN the arms - ARM PUMP~!!!!! - am I gonna make it?!?!?! WHEW! made it throught that one!!! crap - gotta catch up..." repeat...


    slow down you guys!!!!

    NO survival reactions!

    stay safe!!! :)

    Oh - yeah - the only thing you're gonna learn by 'riding at your limits' is whether your girlfriend will be pissed at cleaning the blood stains outta your britches! (from all the ass clenching)


    stay safe!!!! :):)
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