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NEW RIDER'S RIDE, August 28, 5:30, St. Johns

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Clay G, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Meet HERE

    5:30: discussion

    6:30 rolling

    depending on consensus, may end at ava's may end in vancouver at their coffee night

    PLEASE everyone realize this is not a 'class' for draggin' knees - I am here to communicate to riders that the most important thing about their ride, their bike, their SURVIVAL is their mental state!!!

    RIP Bill - never forgotten man- Milk Truck will ALWAYS be there!
  2. I'm out... gotta do the meet & greet at my daughters new school.

    ( judging from the moron e-mails I'm already getting, I'll have to use my "threat response skills" to not slap anybody... :mfclap: )

    be safe all

  3. Didn't think I'd be able to make this one but I think I'll be in after all. Will still be the slowest asshole in the group though fyi.
  4. tossin' a bump for safety's sake...

    Hope ya'll can make it - gonna be interesting, plan on setting up on a sidewalk - curious as to how long it will take for someone to try to 'run us off'!
  5. im going to try and get my friend that lives in the tigard area to join since I know he just bought his bike..... He needs all the seat time he can get.

  6. I think I will be able to make it out to this one.

  7. I think I'll probably make this one.

    Andre 1000 I live in Sherwood (just down the street from Tigard) and might be able to ride along with your friend up to the meeting point if he's interested. PM me if you think that'd help him get up to the ride.
  8. I'm in, first time group riding and this seems like the place to do it.

    FWIW, my vote is for the coffee night at Ava over the Couv, but that's purely out of selfishness... :)
  9. Xing fingers to make this. Might not make the discussion, but definitely looking forward to a nice cruise.
  10. Fun ride yet again (minus the few hiccups)! Big thanks to Clay for donating his time and patience to showing us the ropes. Looking forward to another ride soon.
  11. Great ride despite the group foul ups on the way to Ava's.

    Thanks again Clay.
  12. Exciting ride tonight everyone!!!

    Just realized that in THIS thread I didn't specifically ask folks to ensure they arrived with full tanks! :-0

    Thank you Cort for assisting Steve!

    Annnnd - I love how no matter how many times you tell everyone to 'ensure the guy behind you makes the turn'... it can still happen!! So frustrating!

    Someone reminded me tonight that this is a 'new rider ride' and that is a common mistake for a new rider to make. Which is why I specifically use that example in many of my 'speeches': If you are too focused on 'keeping up' and can't spare the attention to ensure the person behind you is safe - THAT means you are riding too fast! SLOW DOWN.

    Bottom line, excitement, no injuries? GOOD ride! :)

    Looking forward to next time!

    everyone - PLEASE stay safe!!!
  13. A few hiccups...but all is good

    Big thanks out to all who stopped and picked up my wallet and cash I left blown across the road as I'm zipping down the street. That must of been a hell of photo opportunity. Note to up jacket pocket so wallet does not fall out! :banghead: Sorry I missed you all at coffee, had to make a little gas tanker delivery. I still owe you a coffee.

    Had a nice ride, everyone came home safe, learned how to zip up my jacket pocket, figured out I can carry a gallon of gas on the back of my bike, life is good.

    See ya next week.
  14. Oh yeah, and don't forget almost getting a new hood ornament Clay (or maybe it's a front fairing ornament on a bike). :shock:
  15. Just wanted to say thanks Clay! Hope to see ya again, I appreciate the knowledge shared.
  16. Thanks Clay for a great talk and a really fun ride. Nice choice of roads too... tight twisties, sweeping turns and money scattered about on the side of the road - how do you lose?
    Along with the 'slow the F$#k down' and 'ride well under your limits', a good take-away for me was when you described how to dig in your boots and use them to grip the bike. Up until yesterday, I was mostly just resting my boots on the pegs, but this morning I used them to grip the bike and it sure helped. Just makes you feel more one with the bike.
    See you next time, and thanks again!
  17. It was great to meet new riders and ride up and down some tight twistys.
    I also want to throw out that I going to try slowing down to check on riders behind me more often so this sort of stuff don't happen again.
    I am glad the nite ended safely for us all. Thanks again for the awesome speech Clay.
  18. Nice ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    I want to see this video that was taken???????
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