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New Rider's Ride, August ONE?!?!, Sylvan Bux

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Clay G, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. August, ALREADY??? another week on the ninja for me... seriously starting to miss my Gix - COME ON EDR!!!

    West Side Wednesday Ride this week, Aug 1 - meeting point is Sylvan Chevron / Starbucks: HERE

    5:30: Discussion for new riders

    6 - 6:15: Normal WSWR ride will depart

    6:30: New rider's ride will depart

    topics: Survival Reactions and how to AVOID them; Throttle Rule #1; and how about some "Smooth Riding" techniques discussed in "Smooth Riding" by Reg Pridmore (Jason Pridmore's dad)... and other interesting and exciting topics like how to AVOID doing something REALLY dumb at midnight, on a dark windy road, with a passenger! :shock:

    Fair warning: I am working on a new route / location - and even the potential for moving this to Tuesdays for a few weeks! :mrgreen::mrgreen:

    come on out and let's enjoy the summer! :mrgreen:

  2. man, wish I could make it, looks like the war department has plans that night....
  3. I'm in as well. Finally got my endorsement!
  4. Always so early on a weekday :(
  5. huraaayyyyy... Im off that day.

    see ya there.

  6. Would like to come play sweep but have a volleyball game I have to attend... next time.
  7. Santi- we need to chat!! I'll call ya' sometime in next couple days!


    Serious question:
    The dude that pumps gas at sylvan told me today: "my arms are numb all the time!" As I rushed to help him out (was on the way to work), I of course showed him how hard I squeeze and he was shocked....


    The WORST!

    He said, "well, as I'm following my buddies, TRYING TO KEEP UP, flying down the highway at 140..."

    I almost just took his keys right then.

    He wants to learn, but works Wednesdays- so, can we maybe get a couple guys to 'assist' him by pumping gas while he listens to my little 'new rider chat'?

    please people: IF YOU ARE NERVOUS when riding, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!

    Just... Wow. This is a very nice guy, welcomes us on Wednesdays, needs that quality time with some decent "friends" that will ease him into understanding how to ride that thing... What would Rob do? :)

    So- I'm gonna try and 'do the talk' at the pumps! Can you guys assist? :)
  8. :banghead:
  9. I'd like to hit one of these rides but I just got back from a seven day 2600 mile trip to Laguna by VERY circuitous routes.

    But that's not why I'm commenting. Damn you for saying "Jason Pridmore's dad." I well remember when Reg Pridmore campaigned his BMW so brilliantly. Damn you for making me feel so friggin old! :rant
  10. Great ride on Wednesday. Thanks Clay for leading. Great pointers as usual and much appreciated! I may need to schedule a one on one with ya.
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