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New Rider's Ride, Tuesday, Aug 14 5:30

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Clay G, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. After a nice turn out last week of primarily new riders, I am ready to try to 'open it up a bit'. Specifically, I would love to try to start using Ryan's place as a good meet up for the start of a regular ride. It isn't far from his spot to some decent twisties - and the route back into TNC is actually nice!

    A quick reminder though: Please try to arrive ready to ride when you get there (enough gas: about 50 miles max). There are rest rooms available at Threat Dynamics and a ton of parking lot space we could possibly use as 'practice' area for short distance things like - brake practice?!?

    There will be about an hour of pre-ride discussion covering: Survival Reactions and how to avoid them; Throttle rule #1 and how it applies to safe riding on the streets; The most important part of your motorcycle!! (brakes)

    This is designed to get folks thinking about the most common thing that puts riders on the ground and how to prevent it from happening to you (Rider induced crashes).

    Meet up at 5:30 HERE - Threat Dynamics in Tualatin with plans to try to roll out by 6:30 (KSU).

    This is the route that I plan to take...
  2. Looks like a fun path to follow.

  3. rush hour traffic in beav/tigard... ugh!!!
  4. The point is to get outta work - ZIP through that traffic - get to the meet up, then the ride has NO traffic! It only takes about 5 minutes to get to decent country roads from Ryan's shop.

    The roads - They are nice! I love taking that route! There is this one section that starts with a blind, left that drops down about 25 feet into a gently right. that has a mini straight that you almost straighten up for - then an uphill gently right followed by an immediate flick left that is tighter than the right...

    like a couple corkscrews tied together almost!

    Of course, taken at a reasonable and respectful pace for the newer riders, it is an EXCELLENT opportunity to practice counter steering and really feel how dramatic differing speeds and elevation changes affect the amount of pressure you need to apply to your bars to get your bike turned in.

  5. going to try and make it, but Im coming from Forest Grove and making it by 1730 will be tight, dont wait if Im not there by
  6. we don't roll until 6:30 - 5:30 is for discussion for new riders. Join - always good to get different perspectives!! and the 5:30 thing is just when I try to get started, don't let that stop anyone!
  7. I'm going to try to make it, too. Never done that route, so though I'm not a "newbie" rider, this will be a newbie ride for me! :)
  8. It is AWESOME riding with everyone at these calm, rational paces! and Thank YOU - everyone! I really enjoy helping out those new riders! So, when a couple new riders come out, and there are half a dozen, ten 'experienced' riders that are all cool and calm about taking it easy for those guys - it sends a great message to those new riders! I want to thank all of you! Today's ride was AWESOME!August 21, I will not be hosting a new rider ride. (that's next Tuesday). Commitments abound.

    I do plan on being available at the West Side Wednesday rides - and I will GLAAADLY be offerring these new rider focused rides every week there! (Some said that they were hesitant to come to West Side Wednesday rides tonight because they seem to be too fast and aggressive for them - Come ride folks! If somebody doesn't like how slow you are, then simply don't ride with them...)

    Stay safe everyone!!!!
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2012
  9. thanks for a great ride Clay...

    (I still hate portland traffic though :mrgreen: )

    248 miles yesterday, was a good day!

    (but damn I'm sore this morning... )
  10. NICE!!!!!


  11. Man Clay,
    I really wish you could do one of these up here in my area. Seems like it'd be helpful for me, and a few others I assume, in my area. Good luck with the ride.
  12. Clay - are you planning on resuming the new rider rides after your commitments next week? I ask because I'm picking up my FZ8 this weekend and after a bit of riding on my own, I'm really looking forward to joining you on one or more of your newb rides.
  13. where?

    I like road trips and enjoy new twisties!

  14. August 21 is on track! (wait, not a track... dang, that would be cool!) I am planning on hosting another ride August 21 - leaving from Threat Dynamics. I will post up another thread in the next day or two announcing it! :mrgreen:

    and - It is looking like august 28 we will be meeting somewhere on the "portland' side of the St John's bridge, riding a somewhat altered, but still my favorites, route - then trying to get to Vancouver's Tuesday Night Coffee. The different meet up spot and ending spot is specifically for Vancouver folks. Hopefully there will be a nice turnout! :mrgreen:

    Hey - It may be cool if folks that want to hit TNC at Ava's also come out for that ride as well!

    Yeah - that could be cool! :mrgreen:

    I'll be posting up details about that as well!

    Stay safe everyone! oh - I enjoyed the ride too!!!! :mrgreen::mrgreen:

  15. Hey Clay, is there anyplace down by TD that's good to eat?

    Maybe in the stripmall on the corner or something???
    :scratchea :tard:

    That way I can skate down there before the traffic gets bad and just hang out / grab some food / etc... wait till 5:30....
  16. Babooza!

    THAT is a great idea!!
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