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New to Seattle

Discussion in 'New Users' started by matt e, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, figured I would formally introduce myself as I am finally landed here in Seattle. I'm Matt, originally from colorado, lived in south orange county for several years where I met my girlfriend. When she was offered the opportunity to transfer to her company's global offices in Taipei for 1-2 years, I told her I was down and so we lived in crazy Taiwan for the last year. It was a fantastic experience but I can't begin to describe how so so happy I am to be back in the U.S. (literacy, yay!)

    I had just gotten into riding before we left the states (took msf, got endorsement) and had been riding my gf's dad's vfr800, but then we left, and although I had been planning on buying a motorcycle while overseas, the driving there scared the crap out of me and I pussed out. So we've been using friend's scooters for the past year off and on, and I am so stoked to finally be back in the states and able to buy a motorcycle finally. I've noticed though that the bikes I have been checking out (650r, sv650) over the last 3 months in anticipation of being back have all seen a price increase of about 50%... :roll:

    So nice to meet you all, looking forward to getting out there on some rides and on the track once I get a bike sorted (and figure out how to get my gear up here from socal).

  2. Welcome to the Asylum :evil4:

    Ex HB here ;)... BTW... 9-30-12 there is a Support/Maintenance Meet going to happen at Pacific Grand Prix in Kent :mrgreen:

    Look forward to meeting and riding with ya :mfclap:

    P.S... lane splitting is not legal here which sucks :rant

  3. Welcome, you've come to the right place!
  4. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome, Matt, no pun intended. :) Prices do go up when the weather is decent.
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys!

    hope to make that meet, good opportunity to meet some of you locals :eek:ccasion:

    and booooooooooo, it's going to be a new experience figuring out what sitting in traffic is like...
  6. found and bought an 04 sv650s today! I'm in business!! :)
  7. Welcome and nice bike.
  8. Welcome Matt, I too am from so cal. But been up here for 15+ years. Nice bike and hope to ride with u soon
  9. Welcome to the area, and to PNW. Great bunch of guys/gals here.

    Hope to see you at a bike night/group ride!

    Don't feed the trolls.
  10. Congrats. Take a few trips on it while it's still good weather; discover the NW...
  11. Put a couple hundred miles on her this weekend :D Got in trouble with the lady yesterday as I left at 5pm for a short hour jaunt... got back just before 8 to a tired, hungry, and cranky girlfriend, oops!

    Definitely would like to go on some group rides, I spent the majority of my time yesterday just looking for some twisties, ended up by ames lake where there were a couple good short stretches.

    Anyone have some good routes I can try out this week? I don't have a job yet so if anyone wants to go for a ride during the week let me know, fair warning I'm still a new rider so I'm not sure what kind of pace I ride.

    Tried to get a pic down by the lake but by this point my girlfriend was like wtf are you so I just took a pic and turned around...
  12. Nice bike!

    Just curious, how do you like it compared to your GF dads VFR?
  13. thanks!

    compared to the vfr:
    - vfr is much much much more comfortable to ride, more upright, my legs are less cramped (I'm pretty tall, 6'3-4")
    - the sv is more buzzy, at cruising speeds the vfr just purrs along comparatively
    - sv is smaller, lighter and more flickable (obv). seems to be more fun in the twisties although to be fair I don't have a lot of experience with either yet. this is the bike I want to take the track, hands down over the vfr
    - throttle control is way smoother on the vfr, although I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that it is fixable on the sv

    that's about all I've noticed so far, again I'm a pretty new rider so I don't have the experience to give you much more insight into the two bikes than that.
  14. Cool, i have had my VFR for 2 years now and my last bike was an xr650l. I am 6'7'' and have really enjoyed the VFR but i always am curious what other bikes are like compared...
  15. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    I'll take you out sometime.
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