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New to site and want to ride.

Discussion in 'Westside' started by titan6r, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. I'm a member on and I was looking for people to ride with and someone mentioned this site. I'm home from CWU and am now in Tacoma looking for some people to ride with. I'm new to riding street and really haven't had the balls to pull up and talk to the random riders that I've seen. I thought this would be the easiest way to find some people to ride with so let me know when your riding and I'll be there. I don't care whether its one person or fifty I just want to ride. Thanks
  2. welcome: titan6r, glad to have ya onboard here.

    There are a lot of rides going on, especially as the better part of the riding season is upon us. If you want to go on a ride in particular, just post up your plans and others will join you if they can. Or keep an eye out for other rides that are posted and join the ones you can make it to.

    Good to see someone from CWU on the site, as there is a spot on the board for the Ellensburg crowd but we dont have anyone on the site from there. Are you going back to CWU once the summer is over? If so, pass the word out there please and help bring more riders together.

    How long have you been riding? Let's see a pic of that Kawi!

  3. Welcome titan. Glad to see another westsider here. Like beans said, post your ride ideas or keep checking the westside regional board. We are slowly getting rides and g2gs going, but it's been pretty tough with the weather this spring.
  4. Always glad to see another rider! I bet Blackstarr will be even more excited since he has a similar bike :) Keep an eye on that Westside board, more rides should be poppin up now.
  5. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    welcome! another xz6r! awesome!
  6. We're in Lacey (north of Olympia) and we're ready for summer rides !
  7. Thanks for the welcome! I've only been riding street for about 2 months now. I sold my dirtbike and purchased this bike. Its been hard to put any miles on my bike since I was in school less then a week ago and did not have my bike with me since I don't have a garage. Me and my buddies are renting a house in Ellensburg in August so hopefully I'll meet some riders and I'll let then know about the site. I only have 800 miles on my bike right now and I just took some pics of it today so I'll post them tomarrow.
  8. Coupla' pointers for the street:

    1) No one sees you.. you're invisible on a bike

    2) Everyone potentially is trying to kill you, even though it's usually negligence and not "intent"

    3) Resist the need for speed and use your brakes if anything does not seem right and especially if you don't get eye contact with the cagers at intersections, etc..

    Everyone I know who has been maimed or killed on the street has ignored one or more of the above.. look forward to riding with ya.
  9. Thanks for the pointers, I'd have the pictures up by now but my expensive camera isn't working right. I took the pictures and everything but I'll figure it out soon, the computer is just saying that the pictures may be damaged when I download them and I can't figure it out. Oh well
  10. Welcome,
    Lots of rides going on, I have been at it every day!
    Drop a line if you would like to hook up.
    Take care
    Buz.. 8)
  11. Sunday is supposed to be dry, at least down south here.. I'm game for a west side ride if it's not over about 3 hours (have stuff to do around the house, too)
  12. I'm down to! Will someone host a ride today Sunday or Monday please? I'm new and don't know where to ride really.
  13. Looks like some of us are doing the three pass blast on Monday.
  14. Well, I should be going on that ride but I'm trying to find a ride today, but I'll be in for Monday as of right now.