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Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by abbster21, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Hey everybody-
    Wondering if anyone knows where to hit the dirt around the Pullman area, tracks, trails or dunes all work, also does anyone know if you can ride up at moscow mt.? I know most everyone here likes the pavement and don't get me wrong I love my CBR, but every once and awhile you just got to hit some jumps. Anyways if anyone knows of some good places let me know, I also look forward to hitting the Spiral highway with you guys/gals this fall.
  2. welcome: abbster21...actually you would be surprised how many riders on the forum here are into dirt as much as street riding.

    Get a hold of ziggyf86 on the forum, Jake can get you in the right direction. When I was in Pullman, I use to love going out to Laird Park and McKroskey Park, both are in Idaho, about an hour drive to get to but well worth it. Lots of great trails and a lot of undiscovered territory that you can ride dirtbikes and quads through.

    For the track, there is an outside public one near Clarkia, Idaho that is just insane. The ramp jumpoff looks like a Disney theme park ride it is so high and so steep. If you ever want to goto a track a lil north of Spokane, let me know and I have a friend that lives near Diamond Lake (between Newport and Spokane) and he has his own personal huge acerage track out there and its free to ride. Just bring your own bike and your own gas, trust me- you will love it out there. He has about 8+ Yamaha dirt bikes that him and everyone keeps out there to ride on. It is a sick track, one jump if you can clear the table is a good 100-ft in the air!

    Dunes...Moses Lake is the mecca for WA state it seems like, everyone goes there.

    Also, mcjunky on the board lives on the dirt and does some motard racing too :shock: so he can get you in the right direction as well.

    I dont have my dirtbike nor quad anymore (miss my old two-stroke 250R!) but hope to meet up with ya for a ride on the street sometime.

  3. Glad to see another new person join the group! I know a couple of people who used to race professional moto-x and I will ask them where all the good stuff is.

  4. Moscow mtn is all private property, some people get pissed about stuff up there, but the roads are fine..
    ummm..there is a track somewhere out of troy or something,maybe its abit further, i think podcore has seen it.prolly the one beans mentioned..
    Outside of potlatch there is a park/area of trails where i take my jeep wheeling from time to time, it would prolly be a good time on a bike.