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New to the Salem area where's the good twistes

Discussion in 'Salem' started by Aaron S SV1000s, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. So my girlfriend just moved down to Woodburn an I live in hillsboro. I'm looking for some good rides out there. Any good suggestions :mrgreen:
  2. Take 214 down through Silverton and around the Silver Creek Falls area. It's a fun little ride.

  3. You can take 219 to get there. The Northern part is pretty fun, although the Southern part is fairly boring.

    Still beats 26/217/I5 every time though!

  4. Be sure to check the for the giant wooden bear and Indian. Favorite part of that ride

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  5. Also watch the groves in the road. they get tricky on a few corners on that run.
  6. Awesome thanks guys. I went in a ride out there a couple years ago. Is there any other rides out that way
  7. I rode the Silver Falls highway yesterday and it was GARBAGE. The road is just an absolute mess. It's a fun ride all the way up to the "scenic route" or whatever on both side. After that, the road is just completely tore up.

    I'm new to the area as well, but my favorite ride has been HWY 223 from Monmouth and down to Wren. The roads are clear and there are a lot of corners to lean it over in. YOu can also head down to Alsea Falls from Wren. I heard that part of the ride is pretty fun. Hope I helped a bit!
  8. The ROAD I learned to DRIVE on was 63rd ave between State Street and Fruitland Road.
    Was able to tell differences on tire pressures in 1 pound increments...

    There are MANY lovely roads along the lower hills of the Cascades from Stayton to Silverton...
    Stay EAST of 99E from Woodburn toward Salem for the best time.
  9. East it is then! I'm looking forward to getting lost out here. I know all the roads out towards hillsboro so this is a whole new ball game out here
  10. A bit of a drive, but you can take 22, due west - and end up past Grande Rhond - and take that to Pacific City - definitely a good bit of road during the summer, when you can finish at the Pelican Pub and brewery.

    I just cycled it a couple weekends back. (Pedal bike - not motorbike).
  11. Without looking at a map...

    219 over the mountain and out of Newberg; just over the river, bang a left turn (signal when you smell the pig crap...) out past the dairy. Turn left at the stop to go past Champoeg Park, past that veer left to stay on Champoeg Road. If you're not in a hurry, left into Butteville, left at the bottom of the hill, and follow the south bank of the Willamette to I-5. that's where I usually have to turn, so you're on your own from there.

    (WIlsonville Rd, north side of the river, used to be fun, but it's posted 45 along the length, and occasionally the locals get pissy and you wind up talking to a Yamhill County Deputy with no sense of humor...)
  12. Did you go to Bethel?