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New to the street, getting ready

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by RNDROB, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Hello from Western Washington County. I’m a dirt rider making the transition to the street. I have signed up for the intermediate course in May and have watched kind of what the skills portion is like. I feel like I’m kind of a lower to medium skilled Dirtbiker and so I’m thinking of ways to practice the maneuvers ahead of time. I was wondering if anyone knows or has access to the details of the course layout? Wondering things like the diameter of the circles that you have to ride around, distance between cones….? I’ve got time, space and a KX250 to practice on for the next month and a half. As you have probably guessed I’m a bit of an engineering nerd…
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  2. You won't have a problem with the course. Relax.

    I would do some research on what they won't teach you. Survival skills on the street. Look for articles on lane placement. How to be seen, and while I'm a big proponent of hi-vis gear, I mean like how do bikers "hide" on the road, and what are the smart ways to make yourself visible.

    I know people who are getting cut off by car drivers cutting in front of them, or actually getting hit. I must be doing something over 100,000 miles of commuting, I have only had to hit my brakes really hard about 6-7 times. And one of those was when the Geico squirrel ran out in front of me, and the other was when Bambi's aunt did the same a few miles later. :rolleyes:

    In the months after the course, I just happened to read a number of articles on these subjects, and I figure they contributed to me avoiding bad situations.

  3. I went from dirt to street. Your dirt skills (even if limited, I only rode for a summer and then my bike died) will help you on the blacktop. Still, there is a lot more to pay attention to (traffic signs, cars, signals, checking your mirrors for more than bears).

    I hadn't ridden in years, I picked up a Honda CBR after my ex and I split, and started riding at night through the city. You can make mistakes without having to worry about traffic rolling up over you, and if you keep in an industrial area or the highway, nobody will complain about the noise. As long as you have your clutch skills in, you'll pick up there rest very quickly!
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