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New too Washington.. OVR stickers???

Discussion in 'New Users' started by MT749, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Soooo I'm new too Washington and I'm from Connecticut where they don't have orv stickers or riding areas o_O So I have a KTM 200 and I really just would love it if someone could help me out on what exactly I need to get the orv stickers, where I get them and then where I can ride with them. Also do I need them too do harescrambles out here?
    I just wanna ride my bike! :D
    Thanks for any help!
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  2. good luck chuck. 200 exc or xcw? plated? you gotta go to DMV to get your ORV tags. yes you need ORV tags and also pay for licensing, they get to tax you twice, welcome to the PNW.

    also, you are required to have a license plate if you are on any roads (fire/forest service etc) look into the tusk enduro light kit, its about $150, and a shop will sign off on you being street legal then you can get a WA plate for it

    also, check out the ORV park maps

  3. Since you will eventually ask about Oregon,

    For the most part, you get a sticker for $30 and you are good to go.

    One note that the pamphlet doesn't mention is plating. Oregon strictly forbids issuing a plate to anything 1992 or newer unless the title indicates the bike had a plate, or the bike is licensed for street use, such as a dual sport. Some discussion from ADV Rider here: