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Newbies group ride Saturday July 9th

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by SpokaneXX, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. Never done a group ride? Not sure how your riding ability stacks up? Any skill level any bike. Probably be a 100-150 mile ride, can easily be extended, ride your own pace. I'm thinking meet in the Valley and kickstands up @ 10:30 Saturday morning.

    If there's enough interest we can meet at East Valley High me for directions, short riders meeting and depart AT 10:30am.


    Ride Cancelled %*#&!@# RAIN
  2. I like the idea of meeting in a High school Parking lot...hope the girls whatever team is loading up to go to a game, might get a #!

  3. It might be too early for me but Ill try to make it. :drunken:
  4. While the intent of this ride is to give newer riders some more seat time, riders of all skill levels are invited BUT more experienced riders will be expected to ride the pace of the group and possibly share some of that experience with the newer riders.

  5. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    nice. show those experienced riders a thing or two about taking it easy.

    and sam's a pedo. :mrgreen:
  6. Where is the destination, or is that to be determined??
  7. I'm thinking leave the HS and take Forker to Mt. Spokane Road-to Hwy 2, turn off at the transfer station and head over Blanchard Blanchard we can either turn right on 41 and head back to Spokane or turn left and head to Newport then Sandpoint, cruise through CDA and back to Spokane.

    To Blanchard and back to Spokane is probably 2-3 hours adding Sandpoint and CDA in would be closer to 6-7 hours.

    Anyone up for a ride?

  8. Hmm, I want to bc I need the experience, but that's almost double the distance for me. Have a great time, whomever goes.
  9. Weather is shitty tonight but the weather guessers are calling for a good day tomorrow. If it's not raining when I get up I'm still on and will be LEAVING East Valley High at 10:30. In case of inclimate weather check this thread before you leave...I'll edit my first post if anything changes.


    LURKERS are welcome as well!
  10. I would love to come, but with my back tire showing cords, i would'nt even make it to the high school. Have fun though
  11. As per the norm the weather gurus were wrong! If this does burn off later in the day and anyone would like to ride, PM me.

  12. stupid rain.....ugh!
  13. Gonna re-schedule?

    Brad :scratchea

  14. If there's enough interest I'm there!