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Newish Rider In Kitsap

Discussion in 'New Users' started by Mainsail, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. My riding experience is low. I had a Yamaha XT350 dual sport that I rode to work for half a year but sold when they transferred me (didn't want to move it). A couple decades back when I was active duty I found a Combat Control XT350 leaning against the dumpster at the base DRMO. The guy there told me they turned it in but didn't have any records or paperwork so all they could do was heave it into the dumpster; they heaved it into the bed of my truck instead and I got it running and learned to ride. So two bikes, both XT350s, both owned for about six months, are the sum total of my experience.

    I recently picked up a Honda NC700X with only 1250 miles on it and am trying to get back in the saddle. It rides a little different than the enduro, and I'd like to get some practice in. There used to be a riding school that did their lessons in the Kitsap Mall parking lot, but I think they pulled out a few years ago. I'm looking for maybe a riding school set-up where I can go practice my slow-speed moves. Does anyone in Kitsap know of a place with the lines marked out so I can practice?

  2. Contact the Kitsap Crusers org on they have certified trainers and are connected with the military and civilian training system.
    Talk to disco raoach, a personal riding friend located near Bremerton, he will hook you up.