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NF 42 is clear of snow!

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by jsek29, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Came down from Timothy Lake today via NF 42. No snow, but some heavy debris here an there. Also, they are logging near the bottom of it, so watch for log trucks until they get the wind downed trees hauled away.

    If you don't know this one, look it up, it is the best way to avoid slab on your way to Eastern OR.
  2. If coming from PDX what is best way to connect with this route and where does it come out at in eastern oregon?

  3. NF-42 is one of the easier roads to find. It's actually visible on Google Maps. It connects Hwy 26 just south of Clear Lake at around 45.17345, -121.67214 to NF 46 (just follow Hwy 224 out of Estacada until it turns into 46) at about 44.98315, -121.88133 (sorry, coordinates are for reference, not for navigating). That at least is the NF 42 I know. Good news about it being clear of snow, I was out there with a buddy about a month ago and that certainly wasn't the case. Great heads up, thanks.
  4. You know what this means? Fossil! Next weekend!
  5. Sweet! About time ...
  6. Man.. that was one of my favorite rides we did a while back. Might have to join ya if I can

  7. Hey that's me! Okay, this weekend then.*

    * Weather permitting. Spousal equivalent permitting. Offer not valid in some jurisdictions. Available in HD (where available). YMMV. Sorry Tennessee. If your erection lasts longer than four hours count yourself lucky.
  8. Ok, it's probably just me that's confused, but one time I tried riding a Forest Service road to Timothy Lake toward highway 26, and encountered pavement end and gravel. Either that was a different road, or it's since all been paved (this was several years ago).

    Can someone clarify for me that 42 is indeed all pavement and I"m thinking of a different road entirely (what is it)?

    Thanks in advance.
  9. You're thinking of NF 57. It's paved then not, then paved, then not, then paved again. I don't get it.

  10. If you click on the link I posted of the ride report for 42, you'll see a small map at the top of the report. On that map is listed NF57 & NF58. NF57 is paved between NF46 & NF58. Between NF 58 & Timothy Lake is gravel(roughly a seven mile long section). From Timothy Lake out to Hwy26 is paved. NF58 is also paved, but it's not as nice of a route in terms of pavement quality and scenery imo as NF42 and the section of NF57 between the Clackamas Lake and Hwy26.
  11. It's a good bit longer route as well. The NF-42 turnoff is a good dozen or so miles beyond the NF-57 junction and it kind of loops back to T. Lake. I haven't ridden 57 in some years - whether it's deep soft gravel (sportbikers bane) or hard pack dirt (a mere inconvenience) I do not know.

    I do know from last weeks awesome ride that 42 is a very good way to cross that area. I think it's a hoot.
  12. Thanks, guys! That really helps. I must've been on NF 57.
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