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Nice Sunday Drive Anyone?

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Lia, Jul 17, 2005.



    ~100 MILES

    Meet at 2p at the bus depot on Davis Way in Pullman, kickstands up by 2:15p. Probably have to stop for some food along the way...
    Call me if you have any questions or are going to be a little late. We'll wait.


  2. I got people calling me askin where the Bus Depot is??? A gas station would be easier.
  3. Washington Mutual on Davis Way...the road to Colfax. We'll see you from the Bus depot. Sorry for the problems, construction here in town is making the normal meet up point impossible.
    I'll do better next time.
  4. Whew, what an awesome ride we had today. Hmm, said Hi to some horses, scared a coyote and saw A LOT of wheat fields! So Andrew(Hardly A. Thefe), Luke(HORIZON) and I set out around 2:15, it was hot but when we got going I think the temp was about right. Not too many bugs until we got to the top of Spiral on the way back. We hit a swarm of gnats about twenty miles long!
    We headed thru Colfax and picked up a cruiser just inside of the city limits and he followed us to the Chevron on the other side of town. BUT, the coolest thing we saw was at the Arby's and then at the gas station...

    The lady putting her Ipod in, her name is Deborah. She and a bunch of women riders were on their way back to SPOKANE! from a womens' only ride. Shumate in Spokane is in charge of organizing them. The owner of Shumate's, Jerry, is the guy there. He met them in Joseph, OR. and joined them for the ride home. There was even a girl there from Newport, OR. I really need to get some WARiders cards made up. I told Deb about the site so we'll see what happens. She did say she and the ladies were and are going to the Thunder Thursday's. Here's some more of the bad to the bone girls and their beeaauuutiful bikes.
    Then there's us getting ready to go from the Chevron..
    This is the top of some grade before we got to Clarkston (Alpowa summitt? I can't quite read the name on the map)
    Note the beautiful blue of HORIZON'S bike in the sun
    We had dinner w/ Wheelietime and his wife Stephanie before she had to work. Their advice/experience/storytelling is awesome and good to hear before you do some of these things! It was a good time.
    Here's the top of Spiral, glad we all made it past the crazy-cellphone-lane hog-in the red car. She thought she was racing down the road or something cutting into our lanes as she was going down and we up. Glad none of us met her in a situation that we were already committed to...idiot. She actually waved at me like it was some sort of bonding thing that we had the same thrill seeking desires. Umm, honey, I wasn't waving at you....I was giving you the bird,mmm k?
    Last, but not least, the Lia tan!
  5. Photobucket, choose the bottom of the 3 choices for the pics, that is the correct IMG linking for the photos...let me know if you have any problems.
  6. Yeah, I messed up. I was changing them when you replied. Thanks anyway.
  7. cool pics...Is that a FZR600? What year is it? 88? that bike is a CLASSIC...I wish I knew where I could pic up a resonably priced 89 FZR1000...that would be one for my collection.
  8. Bwahahaha! Yes, that is my FZR600... 88'? Try 96'... funny thing about yamaha, they get a design in the late 80's and don't change a thing for the next dozen or so years! I used to think it didn't look too dated, then I start going to bike night... damn, it looks ancient! I do have to say that they make a perfect first bike. Good luck finding a FZR1000, I have seen a few in the last month on craigslist, but one was WAY overpriced (He wanted like $4500 and it had a shit ton of miles on it) and the other one needed tons of work, but was under $2K.

    That's alright, the fzr is about to be retired after this season and I am going to spend the winter working on my new project bike... I will update w/ some pictures after I get it next thursday.
  9. Oh, I also wanted to add that I wish luke's ninja would have been about 18 inches farther forward because that picture of them at the top of spiral looking over into the valley would have turned out awesome!
  10. Well then, there's a goal for the next ride?
    Nice pics though, really - sounds like a good time, except maybe the 20 miles of gnats :silent:
  11. ya my bad guys. I accidently left my ruler at home. jk. really fun ride though, wish we would have had more people come out with us.
  12. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    I would have been there....i really would have.
  13. maybe in spirit.
  14. I know, I thought about you. There will be more, let me know when you are ready again and we'll do it some more.
  15. Shwaa's new time clock will be based off the UK time zones :nana
  16. What? has he left already? :cry: :cry:
  17. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    looks like fun. way to throw out a ride, Lia. I would have gone if i had been in town.
  18. Are you in town all week? What time do you get off work? I plan on going on more so let me know the info. You can PM me if you want.
  19. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    i'm in town all week and am off work at 5 all week. i'd be down for goin riding