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Non-ethanol gas in Oregon

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Darin, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. List of gas stations with non-ethanol super. If you know one of these is no good let me know

    If you know of others let me know and I will post it up!!

    Allot of the Wilcos with pumps have it as well

    ------------------------------ Baker County-----------------------------------------

    Stage Stop
    120 Sumpter Hwy
    Sumpter, OR 97877

    ------------------------------------Clackamas County------------------------------

    Olson Bros Oak Grove Texaco
    14115 Southeast McLoughlin Boulevard
    Oak Grove, OR 97267
    (503) 659-5141

    -----------------------------------Clatsop County----------------------------------

    Malet Quick Stop
    38012 Hwy 26
    Seaside, OR 97138

    -------------------------------Columbia County----------------------------------

    Scipio's Goble Landing
    70360 Columbia River
    Rainier, OR 97048

    ---------------------------Coos County------------------------------

    Wagon Wheel Grocery
    69845 Wildwood Rd
    North Bend, OR 97459

    ------------------------------Dechutes County--------------------------

    RSC Equipment Rental #570
    61530 S. Hwy 97
    Bend, OR 97702

    Red Carpet Car Wash
    1144 NE 3rd
    Bend, OR 97701

    Wickiup Junction Deschutes
    17000 Burgess Rd.
    LaPine, OR 97739

    Barnes Fuel Oil Service Douglas
    248 Calapooia St.
    Sutherlin, OR 97479

    Elkton Station Douglas
    14940 State Hwy 38
    Elkton, OR 97436

    -------------------------------Douglas County------------------------

    Lemolo Lake Resort
    2610 Birds Point Rd.
    Idleyld Park, OR 97447

    OK's Auto Supply
    1082 NE Stephens
    Roseburg, OR 97470

    RSC Equipment Rental, Inc.
    2661 NE Stephens
    Roseburg, OR 97470

    --------------------------------Grant County-------------------------

    Triangle Oil
    760 S. Canyon Blvd.
    John Day, OR 97845

    Route 395 Mini Market
    150 Mountain Blvd
    Mount Vernon, OR 97865

    --------------------------------Hood River County-------------------------------

    Heights Fuel Stop
    1413 12th St
    Hood River, OR 97031

    Hood River Supply
    1995 12th St.
    Hood River, OR 97031

    --------------------------------Jackson County------------------------------

    Cascade Gorge Store
    Rosemary Francis
    2651 Mill Creek Rd
    Prospect, OR 97536

    Shady Cove -Upper Rogue 76
    21882 Hwy 62
    Shady Cove, OR 97539

    --------------------------------- Josephine County----------------------------

    Wolf Creek 76 J
    221 Old Hwy 99
    Wolf Creek, OR 97497

    --------------------------------Klamath County-----------------------

    Pelican Marina
    928 Front St.
    Klamath Falls, OR 97601

    Rocky Point Resort Klamath
    28121 Rocky Point Rd.
    Klamath Falls, OR 97601

    Shelter Cove Resort Klamath
    W. Odell Lake Rd. Hwy 58
    Crescent Lake, OR 97733

    ------------------------------- Lane County-------------------------

    ABHI's One Stop Market
    Kiranjit Kaur
    85039 Hwy 101 S
    Florence, OR 97439

    CG Market #2
    105 N. Moss
    Lowell, OR 97452

    Jasper Store
    36763 Jasper-Lowell
    Jasper, OR 97438

    Mathers Market
    38477 McKenzie Hwy
    Springfield, OR 97478

    Noti Market
    22528 Noti Loop Rd.
    Noti, OR 97461

    Curtis For Service
    885 Hwy 99 N
    Eugene, OR 97402

    Horton Market
    94636 Horton Rd
    Blachly, OR 97412

    Low Pass Station & Market
    22501 Hwy 36
    Cheshire, OR 97419

    --------------------------------Linn County------------------------------------

    Cleverger's Automotive
    38955 Hwy 226
    Scio, OR 97374

    Courtesy Corner Shell
    1515 Calapooia St SW
    Albany, OR 97321

    -------------------------------Marion County------------------------------------

    Santiam Quick Mart
    654 NW Santiam Blvd
    Mill City, OR 97360

    --------------------------------Polk County-------------------------

    Quality Gas LLC
    2385 Salem Dallas Hwy
    Salem, OR 97304

    Lincoln Store
    5925 Wallace Rd. NW
    Salem, OR 97304

    Stu's Auto Service
    129 E Ellendale
    Dallas, OR 97338

    --------------------------------Tillamook County--------------------------

    20960 Sandlake Rd.
    Cloverdale, OR 97112

    South Prairie Store Tillamook
    6730 South Prairie Road
    Tillamook, Or 97141-9543

    --------------------------------Umitilla County--------------------------------

    Heller & Sons Distrib. Inc
    395 3rd & Kik St
    Hermison, OR 97383

    ----------------------------------Union County-------------------------

    Gas Station LLC
    1508 Adams Ave.
    La Grande, OR 97850

    Dollars Corner LLC
    808 Main St.
    Cove, OR 97824

    -------------------------------Wasco County-----------------------------

    2702 E 2nd St
    The Dalles, OR 97058

    Richmond's Service
    511 Deschutes Ave
    Maupin, OR 97037

    -------------------------------Yamhill County-------------------------

    Carlton Corners
    150 N. Yamhill St
    Carlton, OR 97111

    -----------------------------Washington State--------------------

    Vancouver Oil Company
    1503 NE 136th St
    Vancouver Wa
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  2. We have more info in "The Dalles" section as well.

  3. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    There is also this site, user-run, listing stations across the nation. So, if you're going outside the state, another resource.
  4. The Olsen bro's Texeco on Hwy99 here in OAK GROVE between Milwaukie and Gladstone has Non ethonal super unleaded 92 oct . My Bandit is much happier running this fuel 8) .

  5. This
  6. Just South of the Bomber!

  7. Aprilia

    Aprilia Sweep Crusader

    weird. their website says they carry Ethanol85 (standard fuel). are you guys POSITIVE they have it. it'd be worth a trip out if they do...
  8. Geez I hope they do, can't find anywhere in portland/metro that has it.
  9. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    I haven't driven by there in a couple of weeks, but I do know at one point they had a sign out front that said non-ethanol premium gas available. Give them a call and see if they still have it.
  10. Olsen's has non ethanol. Also Vancouver Oil Company 1503 NE 136th St, Vancouver Wa.

    Also, write to the liberal idiots in Salem and Washington and tell them you don't want to go to 15% gasohol. My bikes don't like 10%. I can't imagine what they are going to run like on 15%.
  11. Keep an eye out for Shell stations. Some of them carry a RED colored pump. RED pumps are Ethanol free. At least all the ones I've filled up from have been Ethanol free. :mrgreen:
  12. Just went by today and yes the carry the non Ethanol all year, in premium only.
  13. So I read somewhere that the main problem with ethanol gasoline is that it can damage engines when they are not being used, when it's just sitting there. Seriously sitting, like boats all winter. Is that the case? Then I don't wanna worry about this because my bike gets used all the time.

    And if that's not the case then why aren't there more gas stations with ethanol free gas? Seems like it should be a choice.

    Ugh, still waiting for an electric superbike ...

  14. Disclaimer: All i am saying here is based on my experience with ethanol gasoline and compared to non-ethanol mixed gas.

    1. When ethanol gas sits in my bikes with carburetors for a long time (1 month) it clogs the jets with a varnish and can seize the slides. (my bikes then dont idle and wont rev)
    Then i have to take my carbs apart and clean them with solvent and air compressor.

    (always drain carbs or use ethanol treatment if your going to leave you bike sitting for a while to avoid this)

    With non ethanol gas i can leave gas in carbs for 3 months (havent tried for longer) and my bike still runs fine first time

    also it eats hoses and rubber worse then normal gasoline. And works as a solvent in my tank and my filters last not nearly as long (maybe the gas is just dirtier) and ethanol's combustion creates more water then octane and rusts things sooner.

    2. Boats have a horrible time with ethanol (it EATS fiberglass tanks for breakfast) and thats why Sta-bil ethanol treatment is so popular.

    3. It cost more for gas stations to carry and there inst that big of a demand and cars are not effected because their injectors are so much larger then motorcycles.

    In my opinion; ethanol is horrible. I really am also looking forward to Electric superbikes. ethanol is a horrible fuel in that it is less energy dense and more poluting and we really shouldnt be growing that much corn in the first place. It supports mono-culture. Blah blah blah bad supply side supported economics. blah blah blah
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  15. Ethanol contains a percentage of water, which over storage corrodes injectors, tank and other parts. But you ride year round like I do, so it's not as big of a concern.

    I get better mileage with the non-ethanol fuel, so if I can, I will.
  16. I do too, so that's why I wasn't so concerned.
    I get better mileage with regular than premium but then that's not per the manufacturer's recommendations.

    Anyone has seen any recommendations regarding non-ethanol gasoline for bikes?
  17. You can store your bike for a long time with ethanol (alcohol oxygenated) fuels if you *fill the tank up*. The less airspace, the less atmospheric water vapor the fuel can absorb. THIS is why you should drain your carbs, because of the airspace in the float bowls, not because of the fuel itself. Of course it's better to add some Sea-Foam or Sta-bil but it's not a requirement.

    Ethanol (alcohol) fuel doesn't cause your filters to get clogged all by itself. It scrubs the crap out of your tank and puts it in suspension. Of course it also does this to the storage tanks that its kept in.
  18. I just did the chemistry calculations for the energy produced by ethanol vs octane

    ethanol is about 29.8 kJ/gram combusted

    octane is about 44.2 kJ/gram combusted

    but ethanol is denser and because fuel efficiency for liquids is based on volumetric rates not mass rates it comes out to

    ethanol is 23.5 kJ/mL

    octane is about 31.2 kJ/mL
    that is 75% the fuel density

    so that 15% ethanol is 25% less fuel rich then pure gasoline.

    so bottom line is that 15% ethanol fuel is 96% as energy rich as 100% gasoline by volume

    (i used enthalpy, density and molar mass figures from Wikipedia. If anyone wants to verify this, go ahead, but im pretty damn sure its right.)
  19. If you have a power commander on the bike and optimize the bike for each fuel, you will feel and measure a huge difference between ethanol and non-ethanol. More power and smoother response with non ethanol.

    Stabil ethanol treatment just adds anti corrosion ingredients. Startron ethanol treatment seems to work better. (but don't use too much or the bike will be hard to start)
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