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Not to many bikes out today!

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Jason D, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Well I didnt see but only one bike all day while I was out riding. Maby it was because it was a little cold? I stoped and took a few pictures on the way home. The east end of LaCamas lake should be about ready to ice-skate on in the morning!!! :mrgreen:





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  2. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    Glad I'm not the only one out there freezing my nose off...

    rep'd :)
  3. Im withyou guys I have to ride to work at 4 am everyday in this fraking cold lol, oh well ride safe and stay warm laters Hath
  4. Sweet pics, I'll be out on Wednesday hopefully.
  5. well i froze my ass off riding last Tuesday, wed, and Thursday, which gave me a cold, or at least didn't help the one i was already getting, i think my immune system deserved a break, but will be out with jay on wed!
  6. jabomb gets his bike back from EDR with lots of new goodies and were gonna go for a ride, i'll try and get him to post something up
  7. i wanna see vid of when you fall through that extremely thin
  8. I rode today for about an hour or so on the old RD350 around 3:00~4:30 (back somewhere behind costco / andresen area). It was pretty cold. I had to stop after 1/2 hour for some hot chocolate and something to eat. I rode sunday to Amboy and i stayed warm by stopping and jogging in place every 15 minutes or so.

    The ARctic Cat snowmobile gloves do work pretty well in the cold (need to install some barkbusters for a wind break), but with no electric gear, i take these little stops, run in place for a spell and then get back on. Gotta make the mandatory cocoa stops though!

  9. Me too, thats exactly why I was recording it!:nana

    Where did you find the snowmobile gloves? I have some snowboarding gloves that are ok, but I could use something a little better. After about 60mph the finger tips still get pretty cold.
  10. Did not make it out today. To pissed off because our hot water froze, as it have done every winter when it gets down in the teens, ever since the house was build. Never the cold water? :scratchea

    No shower, no ride! :angry7: :rant :angry7:

    I guess I'll just have to run up the bill, leaving the hot water running all night. :rant :angry7: :rant
  11. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    Damnit it's freaking cold. I'm using silk glove liners underneath my winter riding gloves and it seems to help a lot. My toes are blocks of ice, even with a pair of white cotton socks underneath boot socks.

    Devin, you and Jay have a good ride tomorrow. Be careful please... even though it's dry, there's still ice in places.
  12. I was jonesin' bad for a ride, so I rolled to Gresham to visit family. Grip heaters and lots of layers helped keep me warm(ish). When I got back to Vancouver, after dark, the thermometer at the house read 21deg F.
    I saw no other motorcycles during the trip, but saw lots of stares from bundled-up cage drivers.
  13. You guys are nuts! :scared

    And that makes me a nut too! :mrgreen:
  14. It is nice today! I wore shorts haha..
  15. no ride for us, jay didn't get his bike back today
  16. All i have to say is Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
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