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Number of bikes vs. relationship status

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Jul 21, 2005.

Too many bikes to be married?

  1. 2 bikes

    2 vote(s)
  2. 3 bikes

    5 vote(s)
  3. 4 bikes

    4 vote(s)
  4. 5 bikes

    1 vote(s)
  5. 6 bikes

    1 vote(s)
  6. MORE than 6 bikes

    1 vote(s)
  7. No limit / I don't see any connection

    28 vote(s)
  1. I haven't looked at any studies on the topic, but my casual observations seem to indicate a direct relationship between the number of motorcycles (of any size) a guy owns and the likelihood that he is single. I'm just curious where most people who also observe this trend think the line is.

    If someone told you "I own ___ bikes", what's the smallest number that could fill in the blank where you would think to yourself, "This guy's either a bachelor or has a huge garage, disposable income and an understanding significant other"?
  2. erickb

    erickb Mr. PNW Riders 2007

    I have been maried for 7 years now, togeather for 10 and we have a total of 5 bikes now. My wife did not really get into ridding until last year, I will see if she can find any stidies on this as she is a psyc. major so someday I will have a lot more bikes.

    By the way on craigs list Seattle there is a 2000 pink R6, it is sick looking I want it!!! :shock:

  3. IF.... I get married someday I'll make sure she knows that I ride bikes and she's just going to have to deal with it so there better not be a connection!
  4. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    Currently have 3 bikes, looking to get a 4th for my girlfriend to ride and me to dink around on, most likely a Monster 620 because it's one of the few bikes short enough for her to ride...My 250 is a POS and she needs something with more power, and I'd love to have a Duc to tool around on for pose value...Anyways, I think it'd be pretty tough to come up with a reason to justify getting a 5th bike since I'll have most of the bases covered if we buy the Monster...hmmm....unless I convince her that she needs a dirtbike, or that I need a cruiser or some sort...Okay maybe I should've voted for "More than 6"!
  5. I think kids hve more to do with it than being married. Budets get cut way back when 3rd parties come along. That's why I'm working on my collection now! Garage space is my limiting factor right now.
  6. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    kids are a big factor. a significant other can understand and deal with any situations that may arise from motorcycling, but kids can't. unless you're a super safe rider that plans on having the family do motorcycling as a recreational activity, street riding will definitely lessen once there's a family.
  7. erickb

    erickb Mr. PNW Riders 2007

    Kids are a factor but as long as you have a plan and all your ducks in a row you can still ride, buy bikes and have a family. I have 3 kids, one of which lives in TX with the x but I fly her up all the time. In fact she is here now. Just have to be able to balance! Hell I have a full time job, part time job (for fun) and go to school with all of the above. Who wants to sleep anyways crackup:
  8. I agree with the other guys that kids do have a huge impact on everything...

    I will say this, I think girls like boy- friends who ride.....wive's as a general rule DO NOT like husbands who ride...unless they ride themselves.

    Then when a pregnancy occurrs...this can throw a whole new kink in things.

    I hope I am wrong.

    yeah, this girl just sent me a gift of a track day (125 bucks) and I know she dislikes that is a tough one.

    Do you think she is trying to impress me?
  9. erickb

    erickb Mr. PNW Riders 2007

    Yea I think she is just messing with you! Kinda of like here you go now you are not going to spend time with out me are you!

    As far as the whole kids/bikes/woman issues most of the woman in my life where never into bikes are tats, well after many many years there are alot of tatoo female sportbike riders in Texas and 1 in WA! I guess a big help to me is I have always included my wife and kids in motorcycling either going to shows, races, or ridding. My eyes still light up when I talk about motorcycles or see my wife and kids ridding. I am not trying to sound like a sap but I rember that first time I put a leg over and I want my kids to do the same or at least have passion whith whatever they choose to do. :clap
  10. Mine loves bikes, doesnt want to ride, and has 2 rules for my motorcycle habit:

    Her car must always be able to fit in the garage.

    I may never sell my 748.

    I love her.....

  11. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    haha, that sucks
  12. Max & Blondie: 27 years together and I've owned many bikes in that time.. right now I have the VMax and a Suzuki DR650E enduro, and Blondie has a Kawasaki Super Sherpa 250.. if you want to talk anything that could cause divorce, let's talk about my cobra :tard: :mrgreen:
  13. :nana That cobra comment can be taken a few different ways :tard:
  14. Steph and I have been together for 15 years and I've had over 10 bikes at any given point in those years and never had a problem. I also built a shop that's larger than my house so that I always have options :twisted: As I taught her to ride over those years, she has grown to love the sport, adrenaline, freedom, and many other great words that riding has to offer. I even talked about turboing her busa just for fun and she simply smiled at me and knew that I might just do it. She rides patiently and intelligently with good use of the throttle and loves all bikes... ya just gotta love that.
  15. erickb, your wife has the r6 and you have the hurricane? No wonder why you are in a relationship. Shes getting a sweet deal.

    ps: if it gos sour and if I date you can I ride the r6?
  16. clinty poo

    clinty poo vrrooom636

    Speed, I think Ericb's wife has the zx9, and he has the R6
  17. currently my wife has as many as me. 6 total in the garage right now